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Top 4 Cities to work in as a Career Nanny

Top 4 Cities to work in as a Career Nanny

Considering a move abroad to mix up your Nanny career? Life is too short to live in one place so check out our first hand experience of the top cities to work your super nanny magic on!

1. London, UK.

Home of the Poppins and hub for professional career nannies alike.
London boasts an enormous network of high profile clients seeking super nannies to care for their little ones.
With exclusive family members clubs such as Maggie and Rose that cover nannies in their membership too, rain or shine there is an endless amount of fun things to do with your charges.
Lets be honest, the Tube can suck at times, but thats like most public transport right? The main thing is, its easy enough to figure out and get around on ( especially with children in tow) and the double decker buses make it an adventure in itself!
Most of the top attractions are close to tube stops such as The Tower of London, British Transport Museum, Buckingham Palace and The Natural History Museum.
Speaking of history, there is an INSANE amount here, ensuring you are never short of things to discuss and see with the children.

Nanny & Child fun in the city happening daily at these spots:

  • Cuckoo Hibou- Described as a ‘little nest’ for children and their caregivers, includes a cafe, language classes and regular workshops
  • Hyde Park- picnic anyone?!

2. Geneva, Switzerland.

Home of Chocolate and Cheese, Switzerland is no doubt, a beautiful place to live.
Surrounded by two mountain chains, the Alps and the Jura, Geneva is a bustling lake side city sometimes referred to as ‘the revolving door’ of Europe because of the amount of expats constantly moving in and out for numerous job positions.

Blue skies and hot in the Summer, Snow and frost in the winter, there is never a confusion between seasons here and with each one comes an extensive array of awesome activities for young professional nannies to get stuck into and enjoy.
From weekend Ski trips in Chamonix, to hikes and paddle boarding in the summer- Super nanny Stephanie has been making the most of what Geneva has to offer for the past 4 years….

‘Everyday feels like a holiday for me ( especially in the summer!) I get to enjoy walks in the park, museums, arts and crafts, swimming, picnics by the lake and many more free events that Geneva puts on throughout the year. I am very fortunate to work for a lovely Swiss family who always look after me and I get to be a daily role model to the cutest little girl who I absolutely adore!
Each morning I have to pinch myself on the way to work as I am surrounded by the most breath taking views and wake up feeling excited to go to work. How many people can say that? Best job in the world!’

Stephanie’s advice to nannies seeking to work abroad- ‘Find a job you love and you never have to work again!’

Geneva summed up:

  • Summer and Winter are epic
  • Fete de Geneve is awesome and free! Takes place over 10 days each August
  • 1hr 25mins flight from London Heathrow
  • French speaking locals but huge expat community
  • Insane scenery to look at daily!
  • Chocolate and Cheese galore! Need we say more?

3. NYC, USA.

Exactly as it appears in the 2007 film ‘The Nanny Diaries’…….just Kidding!
Although I’m sure some would beg to differ.

NYC, like London, is just FULL of Nannies. In coffee shops, libraries, museums, playgrounds, Nannies Nannies everywhereeee!

Being a Nanny in NYC will not be a lonely experience.

Best bits:

  • NYC is sooooo fun!
  • Food, food and more food
  • Endless road trip options
  • Great Nanny networks available
  • When off duty, checkout the awesome selection of speakeasies

4. LA, USA.

Sunshine, shopping and Venice beach!

La La land is a great place to look after little ones, and yourself.
With yoga and spinning studios on practically every corner, its hard to not stay fit and healthy in this city.
Grab a juice for you and your charge before going on a brisk walk through the hills or get the children involved in a yoga class-nothing cuter than seeing them do dolphin pose and downward dog, right?!

Need any more persuading?

  • Festivals happening pretty much year round
  • Beach day anyone?!
  • Shopping, lots of shopping
  • Yoga for you AND your charge. Two birds, one stone.
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