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Nanny recognition with The Nanny Box

Nanny recognition with The Nanny Box

Someone had to do it. Jada, Super Nanny based in San Antonio, Texas reveals the inspiration behind this monthly subscription treat.


How did your Nanny Career begin?

My career as a nanny began almost 8 years ago! I was working in a daycare and I overheard a family ask one of the lead teachers to be their nanny (spot on!). I hadn’t even considered nannying as a “real job” but something about that intrigued me. So, I went to research on how I could enter the nanny profession.

Whats your favourite season?

Fall and Spring! Here in San Antonio it gets very hot in the summer and our winters range from chilly, cold, and freezing. Spring and fall seems to be the only two seasons that know who they are! Plus, in the fall you can still get out with the little ones and enjoy fun fall outings such as pumpkin patches, and in the spring, you’re outside more than you are in because the weather is just too nice to pass up even if you don’t have anywhere to go.

What inspired you to create TheNannyBox?

A few things. But mainly it was my passion that I have for telling nannies how valuable their job is. I have been blessed to have families that I’ve worked for remind me of this, but it wasn’t always this way and I know a ton of nannies who always wonder if they’re being treated fairly, or if their efforts are being recognised. I wanted to create a way for families and agencies to say thank you in a sweet and unique way specifically for nannies! I truly believe when a nanny doesn’t have to question if she’s appreciated, he/she will do amazing things in this profession.

Funniest child moment?

My mom had to go to work early, and my dad had to do my hair for picture day. It wasn’t funny then but I laugh all the time about it now!

Best bit of advice for wannabe Super Nannies?

Let your passion guide you, develop a strong business attitude, and always let the children see the kid in you as much as they see the adult in you.

Favourite quote?

I have a ton! “Oh the things you can think up if only you try!” -Dr Seuss

Best place ever travelled to with work?

Vegas and Florida! Who knew Vegas was so family friendly! Mandalay Bay was super fun, and David Copperfields magic show was amazing! In Florida, We went to Lego land and Disney which I hadn’t revisited since I was 8, and I went with a 2 year old and six year old twins. To say it was magical would be an understatement….lets just say I cannot wait to go back!

To subscribe to The NannyBox, hint to your employers or genuinely just treat yourself for being so awesome, head over to www.mynannybox.com for all info & enquiries.

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