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Cakes & Career Advice

Cakes & Career Advice


We all know how many Nanny jobs are up for grabs in London, and we also know how tough it can be to find one that doesn’t consist of crazy hours and non stop rallying around.

So we quizzed Elle, Australian Nanny living in London to get her take on all things London Nanny life has to offer, and how she ensures she makes time for her own hobbies and passions alongside being a Professional Career Nanny.

/ Hey Elle, what’s your take on the London lifestyle as a Professional Career Nanny? /

In Australia, we don’t really have the stereotype of the middle class like we do here. Nannying isn’t very common in Australia, its rather unheard of to be looked after by a nanny, whereas here its just seen as the norm.

It’s seen as much more of a profession here and more in demand, but I still find it not looked at as a ‘proper career’ in the UK, but things might change in the future.

/ Do you find having a passion for childcare and baking is a good combination when it comes to keeping children engaged and curious about food? /

I think because I have such a love for food I am able to encourage very good healthy habits. I also would much rather make anything from scratch, its far more healthier and you know what you are putting in it. I think its also important to encourage children to learn what goes into the food they eat and see the process.That is sometimes more important than the meal,  it helps them create healthy habits and lifestyle choices when they are older.

/ Go to comfort recipe? /

For baking, I love my dairy free brownie recipe which I made up myself , I know its not the healthiest of choices but nothing beats a good brownie.

/ London isn’t always great for sunshine, but it does have many other great aspects to make up for it! Do you see yourself settling here long term with big plans for baking in the future? /

Despite the weather I am hoping to be here long term and I’d love to make a future out of baking. I’m going to try and get a blog up and running this year around baking but aimed at good dairy free recipes as I find there just isn’t any good ones out there.

/ On a weekend, where can you be found exploring and hanging out?/

I am a true Australian and love good coffee and brunch, chances are you’ll find me in a trendy brunch café in Clapham or in Borough looking for yummy foods to cook with. Even a museum or art gallery at times and recently I have found a love for west end plays and aiming to see one every month.

/ We know how fun, yet tiring working with children can be and it’s easy enough to forget about your own passions and hobbies in the midst of it, any tips for Nannies looking to balance their interests with a full time position?/

It really is easy to get caught up in the job and I found I had to step back and take a part time job as I was letting what I wanted to do in life take the back seat. I think you, as a nanny need to remember to really look after yourself first because otherwise you get so burnt out and tired which can lead to you forgetting about your hobbies or no longer loving what you do. At the end of the day its only a job,  I’ve had to tell myself that a lot lately as I would get too caught up and really forgot about me. I’m hoping this year I’m able to focus on my dreams and goals.

/ When not creating awesome new recipes alongside being a Super Nanny, which bakery in London is your go to for a dairy free treat? /

There really isn’t one, that’s why I need to get my baking out there!

But if I was to eat any sort of treat id go straight to crumbs and dollies. Honestly if you haven’t had a cupcake or cake by them I encourage you to go check them out, store in soho.


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