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5 differences between a Nanny & a Babysitter that people need to know.

5 differences between a Nanny & a Babysitter that people need to know.

Kluges Kind hebt Hand im Unterricht und will die Antwort sagen

We know you’ve read and experienced it all before.

Oh! You are a babysitter?’ No. Just, no. 

It’s annoying, we know.

So here are 5 obvious differences for those still struggling with how to

separate these two completely different aspects of childcare.

1. We give you our SOULS. That’s right. Full dedication whilst working as a part of your family, and it’s not unwillingly.

As a babysitter, you know it’s not long term, and have other aspirations you hope to achieve.

Whereas, we are just content with being #rockstarnannies.

2. Need that extra mile going to? No problem! We’ve got you and your little angels covered, 100% of the way.

You love children, but hanging around longer than needed is out of the question as a sitter (and often not paid extra) so we don’t blame you!

3. Initiative is our middle name. No hanging around, waiting to be told what to do, we get on with it and do it with love. 

Due to only using this as a stopgap and potentially not having any related qualifications, it is easy to not want to go above and beyond during your time as the children’s babysitter. You know it isn’t longterm for you, which is totally acceptable. 

4. Responsibilities. This is key. 

Between routine planning, nap schedules, meal and age appropriate activity planning. We’ve got it all covered. 

As a sitter, you don’t need to worry about half of this, and that isn’t a bad thing!

5. The pressure. 

To some extent, it’s on par with being a teacher.

Weekly updates on the children’s progress, what they have eaten, how well they slept, who they played with, how their homework is coming along etc.

Being the person that they may spend the majority of their time with (if not in full time school) it is KEY we get this spot on.

Our training helps massively as well as experience within the field, hence why being a Nanny cannot be confused with being a babysitter, whilst both are wonderful they just aren’t the same. 

Looking after children in general is an extremely rewarding and challenging job.

When you are trained for this and have always been passionate about it then turn it into your career, that is a different story.

To be a professional Nanny takes a lot out of you, as well as interfering with many aspects of your life such as love & social, but that’s the price we pay to do a job we enjoy to the max. 

Babysitters are very sought after to enable parents to enjoy a date night, provide last minute cover and earn a little extra cash. Sitters are awesome but they aren’t a Nanny!

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