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My 8 TravelNanny Essentials

My 8 TravelNanny Essentials

My top 8 TravelNanny Essentials

For you, not the children.


As much as it is exciting and glamorous to be traveling with families as part of the job, it is also extremely tiring and at times can become a bit too much. 

With lack of personal space (if sharing a bedroom and bathroom with your charges) very little time off, time zone and climate changes, we all need those little comforts to give us the boost even Super Nannies need at times!

Here are the 8 essentials I ALWAYS had to have on me when travelling with work. There was just no way I felt myself without these, could pull through the jet lag like a rockstar, or spend an entire day acting like I had the energy of an 8 year old. 


  1. Hum Nutrition tablets – Daily Detox

Travel is known to play havoc with our digestive systems, and feeling sluggish and bloated is not what you need when working long hours without the comfort of your own bathroom. 

These keep you on the regular, and are all natural. 

2. Clear Quartz 

Some may think a slightly strange choice, but trust me, there’s nothing better than a nice clear quartz (known as the master healer) to help boost your energy levels and ward of negative energy.  It also balances the physical, mental and emotional planes of the body too. 

I carry one with my in my ‘Nanny Backpack’. Go on, you can thank me later 🙂 

3. Protein bar – Personally we love the raw Pulsin bars

It isn’t always easy to eat 3 meals a day when out and about with your charges sightseeing and playing in the pool. 

The last thing you want is to feel like you are about to drop through lack of food.  My go to is always a healthy protein bar, that’s quick and easy but will put me on for at least a few hours. 

4. Berocca 

Electrolytes & vitamins. 1 of these in my water bottle, first thing, and I am set to handle anything the day ahead throws at me. 

5. A hoodie 

Not just any hoodie, this needs to be my all time fav one. 

Comfort, warmth and security. To wear on the plane, or when it gets chilly at night if by the sea, it’s like a little cocoon just for you and once it goes on you forget for a split second that you have a weeks worth of 16 hour days to do. 


6. Lavender Oil 

Great to help you get a decent nights sleep buy sprinkling on your pillow, or add a little drop to your wrists to help with any feelings of stress. 


7. Chia seed‘s

Superfood power house, or as I like to call them, ‘mini dinosaur eggs’.

I own a huge bag, so ill take some in a little container or ziplock. However, you can buy them in individual sachets called ‘chia shots‘ which are a GENIUS idea for on the go travel. Just pop a spoon full in your water for a quick energy boost, help aid in digestion and a great daily dose of Omega-3’s which are essential fatty acids, yeaaaaaa.

8. Ginger chews

Wether you suffer with travel sickness or not, it’s still wise to have some kind of candy on you when travelling, especially for the flight. Ginger is great for upset stomachs, and helping ease that awful motion sickness feeling. I take whilst on the flight, then again when in the back of a 7 seater mini van with 4 young children all trying to speak at once. It keeps you focused, and takes the edge away from that horrid feeling. 


How do you handle work travel? It’s easy to forget about your own needs when busy with children, but just having a few essentials with you at all times can make a real difference to how you feel and operate. 

Share your NannyTravel tips below! 

Have a great summer

The LunaTeam




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