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Go celebrate the summer solstice!

Go celebrate the summer solstice!


Monday, June 20th is the date of this years Summer Solstice.

Solstice, is derived from the Latin words Sol (sun) and Sistere (to stand still). 

For those that aren’t aware of its significance, it marks the longest day of the year and the ‘official’ start to summer.

The earth is closest to the sun between Jan 3 & 5, but since the northern hemisphere is tilted away from the sun, the nights are long and the weather is cold. 

It is a time to celebrate renewal, fertility, love and growth amongst many other aspects.

Many people flock to Stonehenge for this wonderful event, camping out days in advance to fully experience the the wonders.

Stonehenge shows both the summer sunrise and the winter sunset, and the structure was built between 2,000 -3,000 BC.

Celebrations take place in the form of outdoor feasts, singing, dancing and lighting bonfires. Crowns are often made out of leaves and twigs in order to feel ‘at one’ with nature.

The solstice is a great way to incorporate learning about the seasons, planets and all things nature into your little one’s day.


Happy child

Here are 4 fun ways to have fun together for the Solstice:

With only a few materials needed, this fun craft helps with fine motor skills and builds creativity. They will be running around for hours chasing the bubbles they are able to create using their own hand made wand!


A fun way to go outdoors and collect sticks, leaves and small flowers to create a wonderful crown.


This is a little more tricky than the above, but will be one that pleases them immensely once finished!


Super simple, yet beautiful to look at once finished.


For older children, play a guessing game and have them guess the time they think the sun will rise and set on the solstice- note it down- then see who was right!


Have you celebrated before?

Comment below! We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas 🙂





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