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Starchild Yoga founder shares her story

Starchild Yoga founder shares her story




Kundalini is known as ‘the mother of all yoga‘ and has been around for longer than we can even imagine!

With it holding a strong place in our family (Hi Mum!) #mumsayogateacher, we could not hold back our excitement at interviewing the fabulous Siri Arti. 

If you don’t have an interest in Yoga, or teaching Yoga to children, believe me, things are about to CHANGE.

Oh, and we have one of Siri’s books UP FOR GRABS!

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No more hours spent this summer wondering how to entertain the little one’s!

Each page is wonderfully illustrated, with easy instructions and a beautiful theme for each one.

From calming exercises, to building confidence and focus, we are pretty sure no child will be able to resist checking out some of these awesome asanas with you!

/Please introduce yourself and what you do?/

I am Siri Arti, a mother, life-student, teacher and trainer. I run Starchild Yoga, an education for Peace, which comes in the form of a teacher-training course and more. This growing movement needs management, encouragement, constant development, and a strong desire to bring positive change to young people. Starchild Yoga is a mixture of yoga and education, ensuring that each child who meets us will benefit physically, mentally and emotionally, making the world a better place.
/What sparked your initial passion to bring Kundalini yoga into children’s lives?/
I was already a preschool teacher, and a practicing yogi, and was sending my 3-year-old daughter to a yoga class in the village. One day, I asked to observe, and was so disappointed at what I saw. I went straight home to search the Internet for children’s yoga. I was surprised to find a course the next month, attended it and started along a brave new path in my career. I only attended 1½ days so felt very out of my depth, but together with my ability with children in place, Starchild Yoga was born. Five years later, merging yoga with education, I created a comprehensive modality with the intention to serve many.
/What would you say are the top 3 benefits of yoga (Kundalini) for children?/
It increases awareness of self and of the world.
It helps to maintain a healthy body and mind.
It elevates, inspires and brings unity.


/Who inspires you?/

The writings and teachings of educator Maria Montessori have offered me a clear way into childhood. Her deep understanding of the spiritual child and how to meet that child have guided me strongly as a teacher. Alongside this, the teachings of Kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan create a magical combination that is powerful, inspiring and whole.

/Describe a typical day for you? (morning routine etc)/ 

I wake before my teenagers, to start my day in silence, before the chaos begins. I make a large hot lemon water drink, which I continue to sip during the school run. I sit in meditation as dawn is breaking, giving thanks for all I have and stilling my rather active mind, in preparation for the day.

I make a superfood chocolate and banana protein smoothie for my children, and guide them into their day. The school run brings laughter, deep conversation and very loud indie music that oozes from my 15-year-old daughter. During this part of my day, they introduce me to new sounds to keep me tuned in.

I volunteer at their Steiner School with the little ones, attend a yoga class or swim and then return home for brunch.

The rest of my time is set for writing, planning, creating and administering my Starchild Yoga business. I support a lot of teachers, so there is also time for communication, support and co-working on developing projects.

School pick up takes me back into the world of Motherhood where I taxi, support, manage, communicate, love, feed and nurture my teens.

Our evening meal is taken in candlelight, holding hands as we give thanks and share a little about our day. We eat a colourful vegetarian diet and take our time over our meal.


/Must have superfood?/ 
Pukka Clean Greens Powder
Favourite place ever travelled to/taught in?/
Israel. I was invited to teach Starchild Yoga in Jaffa. After long days of teaching, I wandered the streets at night, went to the beach, drank freshly pressed pomegranate juice from the road side and watched the mixture of people move around me. I fell in love with the Israeli passion, the vibrant food, and their deep devotion to work for peace whilst living in such unrest.
What advice could you give to someone considering teaching yoga to children? /
Be curious about young people.
Trust the yoga.
Maintain a healthy yoga practice.
Let go of preconceived ideas.
Connect with and heal your inner child.

Learn to go with the flow.


Siri Arti  




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