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Top reads this summer

Top reads this summer


Being a Nanny is full on, simple as.

Yet, no one can escape the realism that is self help and inspirational life talk books.

So we want you to make that time this summer, and be guided and inspired by the insanely awesome Sophia Amoruso of #GIRLBOSS to never give up on anything that makes your soul dance and your mind fill with happiness (that’s how this book made us feel).

From dumpster diving to CEO of a multi millionaire dollar company, this will spark the budding entrepreneur within anyone, Nanny or no Nanny.

Brutally honest, no frills kinda reading is what this book screams, and if like us, you believe a college degree is not the end of the world in order to achieve things in life, then this is for you.


A confidence kicker to channel your inner Badass by Jen Sincero.

With pearls of easy to digest wisdom woven throughout, it will be hard to put this one down, so maybe read once you clock off, and not during the child’s nap time!

Keep a pen handy to write down the super useful quotes, or mark them with a star like we did to refer to whenever you need a spark of positivity to start your day.


We just LOVE Llamas!



Let us know what you think if you get chance to check them out!


Happy reading!

TeamLuna X








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