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This is your new yoga buddy

This is your new yoga buddy


 September is hectic. 

Children head back to School and the sadness that summer is over really kicks in, that is unless you live on the East Coast, USA and have the amazing fall to look forward to!

Anyway, with many choices for after school activities to sign children up to, we thought we’d introduce you to the latest member of the Yoga Community, Meddy Teddy.

Even if your child has never so much as heard of downward dog, they will now and all thanks to this amazing little yogi bear who is working his way into studio’s across the USA to help introduce children to yoga in a fun, engaging environment both on and off the mat.

// Hey Tim, MeddyTeddy is slowly taking over the yoga world! How did the idea come about?//

Meddy Teddy came from deep in meditation in the caves of India. My older brother Thom was deep into his month-long meditation retreat when the idea of a bendable meditating yoga teddy bear popped into his head. When he got back to LA he told me about it and the rest is history

//We know LA is big for amazing Yoga studios and instructors- do you feel that being surrounded by this kind of lifestyle was key for the foundations of a relatable product such as MeddyTeddy?// 

Definitely, Los Angeles is the biggest yoga city in the world! Los Angeles has embraced Meddy and we love this city and it’s vibrant yoga communities.


 //What are your thoughts on yoga and the benefits of introducing it to children from a young age?//

It’s like the Dhali Lama said, if every 8-year-old learned meditation, in one generation there would be no more wars. This is a big topic and it has been proven that a child mind during his/her first 5 years is an incredibly important developmental time in their lives. Practicing a little yoga, meditation and mindfulness can have a great effect later in their lives.


// Learning through play is important, and becoming more recognised within schools world wide- where do you feel MeddyTeddy fits into this with regards to teaching children about expressing themselves through Yoga?//

Children all learn differently. One might prefer auditory, another might prefer using their hands or one might be visual. Meddy Teddy can bridge the gap and help kids in all of those areas with interactive play. A teacher says “put Meddy into Warrior One pose”, and then the kids can follow along and learn that way. Then they can do the poses themselves allowing the kids to express themselves in the beauty of yoga and all the great qualities it represents.

// Does the team at MeddyTeddy keep up a regular Yoga practise? //

Yes, I just finished my 200-hour teacher training at Core Power Yoga and it was an amazing time in my life. We had to do 60 yoga classes on top of the 200-hour classroom learning. My brother in law Josh does yoga a lot too.

 // What’s MeddyTeddy’s favourite asana? //

Headstand Pose. It is the most challenging to get Meddy Teddy to balance into that pose and the most rewarding to witness.


 // Favourite Yoga studio hangout?// 

Core Power Yoga – This is where I just finished my 200-hour TT and they have totaly embraced Meddy Teddy there. He is on the counters and in the studios, people smile as they walk by and see Meddy Teddy.


// Will MeddyTeddy have any new friends joining the team in the near future? //

Yes, we want to make a girl Meddy Teddy named Betty Teddy soon. That will be after we get custom pants for Meddy and his yoga mat for sale up on the website. We want to make animated story books with all sorts of peaceful characters. Like the rabbit who is a zen mindful garderner and an old bear named Master Teddy who is where Meddy Teddy gained some of his wisdom from.


Head to their website http://www.meddyteddy.com to purchase one for the children (or even yourself!)

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