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How to create a sanctuary if you’re a live in Nanny

How to create a sanctuary if you’re a live in Nanny


Let’s be honest, live in can be hard, especially the older you get.

But that doesn’t mean it needs to be dull and boring, or have no essence of who you truly are, expressed within the 4 walls that is your space.

Feng Shui considers the bedroom the area of the home that is closest to you, and where we harness our energies and power to face the up’s and down’s of daily life.

Your bedroom is your sacred space, a place of relaxation and rest, giving you a chance to reflect and open your mind to new ideas and process thoughts.

By creating an open, relaxed space it will allow for a deeper sleep and an overall shift in mindset, enabling you to express your true self each day and continue being the awesome Nanny you are!

Here are 7 ways in which you can start today to create the sanctuary you deserve.

p.s The children can even help create too!


We love the design ideas over at My Paradissi

Wall Gallery

Especially if you live far from home, a wall gallery can really help bring in feelings of love and comfort. Create a small design on the wall with frames of your choice, and fill with images that bring an instant smile or great memory into your day each time you walk in the room.


Rose Quartz

One that we have talked about before, and always our go to in times of need, Rose Quartz is a powerful crystal for all matters of the heart. It’s healing properties allow you to tap in whenever you feel like their may be a blockage in certain areas of your life, enabling the heart centre to be open and filled with positive, loving light and old wounds to be healed fast. 

When choosing your Rose Quartz, buy in pairs to help symbol love and relationships, and keep near your bed to induce a restful sleep filled with loving vibes. 

More on this can be found here.

Vitruvi Oil Diffuser

An Essential Oil Diffuser

As well as making any space smell amazing, essential oils also have great healing qualities and can be used to enhance relaxation state for meditation and bedtime. A diffuser is a great way to wind down and relax after a long day, lavender, neroli and frankincense are a few of our favourites! We like this diffuser from Vitruvi, a sibling start up company, launched in Vancouver in 2014. They also have a collection of wonderful oils that represent certain moments of life such as ‘calm’ & ‘sleep’, as well as triggering parts of the brain through stimulating scents. 


NEOM Organics


Absolutley LOVE these cute travel size candles from NEOM Organics, they are perfect packing size for a weekend away or just to enjoy in your room at all times of the day. They also come in a larger size, which is ideal for bedrooms or living areas.

They use only the purest ingredients combined together to create the wonderful beneficial scents such as Lavender, Jasmine & Brazillian Rosewood seen above which is our fave when on the road.

 Candles have such a warming effect and can lift the mood of any room instantly. 


Himalayan Salt Lamp

As well as purifying the air and helping to induce a relaxed sleep, these amazing lamps also help to improve lung capacity and increase energy levels. 

Benefits of this salt in all forms are becoming well known, from cooking to bathing with it, I switch mine on for atleast 3 hours each day before bed, and certainly feel the benefits. 

There are many sites to choose from to buy these and suprisingly they don’t cost the earth!


Throw/ Electronics cover

To keep up with the coziness and relaxed vibes, try adding a comfy throw over your bed or chair to snuggle under when you are relaxing reading a book or on the phone. It will also come in handy for the warmer months when a full duvet isn’t necessary.

When sleeping, throw this over your tv or laptop to keep electronic vibes at bay to ensure you get a restful nights sleep. 

All of these ideas are quick and easy additions to brighten any space or room, no matter of the size. 

Oh and they also dont take up too much space, or become an issue when moving on again!

How do you style your space? 

Let us know if you have any idea’s that can help other live in Nannies around the world!

Until next time 



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