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Why you need to start meditating now

Why you need to start meditating now


Whether you choose to start now or later (we suggest now), it will always be a good time to begin your own meditation practice.

At the LunaOffice, meditation happens daily.

Even before I pour myself a hot water and lemon, I get in those grounding minutes before anything else happens.

Meditation consists of anything from focusing on your breathing, to repeating a mantra, or participating in a yoga class.

Awareness, Contemplation, Focus, Visualization 

Here are my 4 reasons you should jump on the meditation train now:

  1. It allows you to tap into your creativity and release any old habits or thoughts of feeling weighed down. A creative mind is absolute key when working as a Nanny, so this is a bonus for sure.
  2. Meditation puts you on the same wave length as your emotions, and makes way for a deeper understanding of your thoughts and feelings through breathe awareness and the stillness of the mind.
  3. Overall well-being is a great factor brought on by meditation, and helps to encourage changes in other aspects of your life such as becoming more aware of the foods you put in your body, and any habits you’d like to let go of that do not add positive value.
  4. Better sleep!! By switching off for even 5 minutes each day, the body is able to reconnect and recharge, making way for an uninterrupted snooze leaving you feel energized and able to focus better the next day.



Take 5 out of your day, find a space, light a candle, and go meditate 🙂

Til next time




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