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Mindful Gifting guide 2016

Mindful Gifting guide 2016


By now, most people have got their gifts figured out.

But it’s not a race and we are still trying to get last minute delights for our loved ones!

To mix it up a little, we decided to put together a list of wonderful ideas/experiences/gifts that have a longer lasting effect that goes beyond the time it takes to unwrap. 

We aim to spread mindfulness everywhere we go and it shows in our gifting choices too, so if you know someone that could do with a spiritual pick me up this Christmas, look no further. 

Embrace your inner Moon Child with Kassandra 


This course is a year long, beginning in January 2017 right through until December. 

Each month, Kassandra focuses on a different topic that flows around the moon and its phases

( something we just love) and with key aspects such as moon yoga sequences, journalling & meditation it’s a great way to get more mindfulness into your daily life or as an awesome unique gift idea.

All info can be found here 

Kids yoga mat


Isn’t this just the cutest?! All little yogis deserve a yoga mat of their own, and you will be winning for a while if you gift your little charge with this for Christmas. 

If they aren’t already into yoga, they will be now. 

Many different options and colours available at their online site 

Wanderlust and moonlight



If you haven’t heard of Emma Mildon by now, then we are excited to get the ball rolling.

Known as the ‘Spiritual PA’, Emma is the best selling author of The Soul Searchers Handbook, and has attended many wellness events across the world as a guest speaker and workshop leader.

Emma offers some wonderful delights on her online shop, and we love these chakra candles which are linked to an amazing give back cause by The Canary Project.

Unleash your Spiritual Gangster


Since Spiritual Gangster launched a few years back, we’ve loved chcking out their latest designs and own a few peices ourselves!

Wether it’s to lounge in, or workout in there is a style to suit even the newest of yogis and we love this lounge top for cold winter nights and of course not forgetting savasana.

What’s on your list this Christmas?

We love hearing new ideas and getting tips from all our LunaFollowers!

Till next time.

Love & Light



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