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The Nanny Ski Season survival guide

The Nanny Ski Season survival guide

Ski season is pretty much upon us, or in some places anyway. 

Many families look forward to this more than their summer holiday, yet it can be one full on snow ball game if you get taken along for the ride too!

So here’s the Lunachild Ski Survival Guide, put together by a member of the LunaTeam that’s got a tonne of snowman building experience (amongst other fond Ski memories!). 



  • Check, then check again. 

Having the right gear goes without question really, right? But easy to forget your own ski socks and gloves when packing for the little ones. So make a good old list, don’t take too much and double check everything you put in. 

  • Berroca

You will get tired, this goes without saying. Mountain air, alttitude plus longer days than usual mean be prepared to feel done, finished, never again kinda attitude. Making sure you get one of these in each morning even before your caffeine fix, Berroca will make you feel fresher than the snow outside, unless it’s yellow!

  • Sunscreen & lip balm 

Yes, you do need it. As for the lips, keep this on you at all times to prevent dryness and pain. No one wants to deal with that anytime, let alone on a work ski trip. Keep that skin beautiful with a factor 15+. I like this one .

  • Decent base layers 

It’s pretty impossible to remain professional if you feel like you may lose a leg to hyperthermia! Wrap up warm, in the right sort of gear. There’s some awesome choices this year, but these are the ones I am loving and the pattern is very on brand. Team it with the matching bottoms or mix it up. 

  • All of the snacks 

Wether you are building an igloo or watching the children’s ski class, snacks are key to making the cold more bearable, as well as keeping energy levels up! My fave are these and they have no added sugars or nasties. 

  • Easy to pack, fun activities

Children get bored easily these days, and will soon get fed up of being out in the cold. Ensure you have some small, fun crafts/games on hand to keep them occupied during down time in the chalet. Little paint kits, cards, or even a surprise pack you have prepared in advance (let them choose one thing a day) will help to keep them distracted.

  • Sunnies

Trust me, pack some. 



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