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How to hire a Nanny

How to hire a Nanny


How to hire a Nanny |

Hiring a Nanny, whether it is your first time or you have done it before, can still be an overwhelming experience.

There are endless options online, and simply typing ‘How to hire a Nanny’ into google just won’t do, especially if you are new to all this. 

What exactly are you looking for? How old? What qualifications? What certificates should they have? What kind of questions do I ask? How do I reference check? 

All of these thoughts are normal and should be asked!! It is your child; you know best and only the best will do.

Ok so let’s get to it. 

British Nannies are in high demand, and come verified through agencies that know exactly what to look for, and what’s required (like us, it’s best to just use us).

Key things to think about:

1. What type of help do you need? 


Are you looking for a full time daily or live in Nanny? Or in need of a Maternity Nurse for the arrival of your little one? There is a difference between all the types of help you can hire. Check out our families page to see the types of roles in more detail. 

2. Employment


It will be your responsibility to pay the Nanny each week or month depending on what is preferred. This includes Tax and NI, so you will be considered an employer. It can seem scary but do not fear! Nannytax are great at arranging everything for you down to pay slips and sick pay so it makes for an easy transition. All of this info and help is given by an agency, however if choosing to go it alone you can contact them yourself. 

3. Salary


National average in the UK for a full time Nanny starts at £26,000 up. All factors are considered, such as age and experience so this can vary. 

Outside of the UK, anything from £35K right up to £80K in some parts of the world such as UAE. 

4. Visas and work permits 


In the UK, if you hire a Nanny and they are a British Citizen this isn’t an issue. Depending on the country you reside in, you will need to acquire a work permit for the Nanny if s/he is moving to that country to work for you. This information is easily accessible online and a simple process to put through, unless you live in the USA then this is a whole different ball game! 

5. How to spot an exceptional Nanny 

Ultimately, a passion for working with children is the core essence of what’s needed, but there are other aspects that need to be factored in for when you begin the interview process. 

Such as, do they look after themselves well? Are they positive and curious about your child and what they enjoy doing? Do they ask questions and offer fun suggestions as to what activities they’d do with your child? Someone who isn’t very engaging or overly shy may not suit your household- but hey, everyone’s needs are different!

 6. Agency vs self search


If you use an Agency, everything is taken care of, therefore saving you time and putting your mind at rest. All that’s needed from you is to review potential candidates that are sent over, and to choose a suitable interview time for the ones you select. 

Whereas if searching yourself, you need to spend time knowing what signs to look for, researching what documents are needed and the best sites to use (if searching online). 

The main thing to remember when sourcing your new Nanny is to TRUST YOUR GUT, listen to your instincts and go with the flow. No questions should be out of bounds- you want the best care possible! 

If you need any further advice or help do not hesitate to contact us!

The LunaTeam 



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