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5 ways to create an awesome bedtime routine for Children

5 ways to create an awesome bedtime routine for Children

Bedtime routines for Children

I feel this word strikes fear into most parents these days, and when you have a child clinging to you that won’t sleep due to endless reasons, I don’t blame you.

Age can be blamed for various reasons, from newborns with colic to 5-year-olds who are scared of the dark and have vivid imaginations.

Yes maybe you had a cracking routine as soon as they arrived into this world and feel like you’ve done everything possible and read every sleep expert book going, yet they still will not go to bed or sleep at a decent time.

As a Nanny, I got to experience wonderful sleepers and those that had massive FOMO if they went to bed when everyone else was still awake.

A few small tactics always help to settle them, and if age 5+ it will require a lot of patience and consistency for at least 5 nights in a row! In other words, you are the boss, don’t give in.

Ok let’s go.


Coconut oil & Lavender Oil

They love this from very early on, it’s great after bath time and lavender has so many soothing and calming effects, plus who doesn’t like the smell?! Buy some virgin coconut oil and natural 100% essential Lavender Oil, mix together in a little pot and massage a small amount on their wrists and belly before bedtime. Great to use on yourself too.




This is slightly different, and if you aren’t open to the healing power of crystals then it’s probably not one for you. However, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. These can be bought online, or from your local new age shop and are not expensive at all. With this, you can build a story around the Moonstone, and engage your child in it’s wonders and explain how it is very special, this will help them to have a magical night’s sleep. Major benefits include helping to normalise sleeping patterns and ease anxiety, which is great for children who are afraid to go to sleep at night alone. Do not let them sleep with this under the pillow, just incase they decide to attempt to eat it in the night! Keep in the room on a high shelf out of easy reach.



Shut off all electronics by a certain time, at least an hour before bed. No more needs to be said on this one, pretty self explanatory.

10 minute magic

After bath time, allow them 10 minutes of ‘magic time’ with you, or Dad or whoever is at home. Ensure they know the boundaries, and even have a special timer so they can see it and be involved. Use this time to spend one-on-one with your child and allow them to start winding down fully before getting some decent shut eye. Again, any attempt at hollering as you leave the room once the ten minutes is up needs you to remain in control and firm with what the deal is. You are in charge, not your 5 year old.




No more feeling like you are going to crash and burn by 10 am. Implement these and let us know how your evenings change.

Till next time




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