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4 key aspects you need to consider to land that dream Nanny Job

4 key aspects you need to consider to land that dream Nanny Job

When it comes to working as a Nanny, for any family, there are things you should consider that are pretty much standard if you expect to be put forward/get offered the job.

All too often, we see emails that look like text messages to someone’s friend and CV’s that have less personality than a sock.

Given the fact that a core part of being a Nanny is to be bubbly and engaging amongst many other factors, it still surprises us that this is a reoccurring factor in the day to day runnings of sourcing Nannies.

Let’s begin…..

1. Email Etiquette

How you present yourself in person needs to come across in how you write emails too. We get that text language is common now, however, in a professional manner it is not acceptable and there are zero excuses. Simply replying by sending a one liner, one word or nothing at all or just simply your cv, will not bag you a top VIP role within any household. The end.

From an agencies point of view, if you see it suitable to reply to us in this manner, the ones who are fully screening you for these types of roles with our clients, then we simply see you as not suitable to put forward to our clients as they certainly will not accept someone who cannot string an email together correctly.

2. Appearance

Yes, you need to be able to run around, roll about on the floor and move freely, however, looking smart is still a priority especially when working in fully staffed households. No low cut tops or ripped jeans, think smart/casual yet practical for being hands on with children. Nails also need to be either well polished (no chips) or clean and simple.

3. Vibe

Giving off a ‘I cannot be bothered’ vibe will end your chances right there. In interviews, being on the ball, positive and enthusiastic will really help to show families what kind of person you are, and how you could add value to their children’s lives. We all have bad days, but if this is a career you REALLY love, you will let that shine through at all times.

4. Prep

Meal plans, activity ideas, day trip suggestions and all the rest. Prep shows willingness and initiative plus the ability to work well alone and take charge, which is key in any Nanny role. If you go in unprepared, it looks unprofessional so think before heading off to an interview.

We have exciting job opportunities worldwide so don’t miss out and apply here now!

Love always 

The LunaTeam


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