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Children want time, not money.

Children want time, not money.

Hi! How’s your summer starting off?!


The further we get into these blogs, the more I feel compelled to discuss topics that take a more mindful/holistic approach to childcare, children, being a parent and Nanny life.

So I felt compelled to discuss a few factors here that I picked up on after years of Nannying for various families.

The more money the families had, the more issues there were in the household.


From awfully behaved children to incredibly fussy eaters and unacceptable attitudes, it became apparent something was going on that went beyond throwing money at a Child Psychologist and was actually very clear to see as someone on the outside ‘looking in’.

|Children want time, not money. The End|


They want Mum to play a game with them, do a puzzle or some crafts- not endless amounts of new clothes, shoes and iPad games.

They want Dad to throw a ball around with them, chase them and build things. Not meaningless gifts with guilt being the only thought behind them.

Now I’m no qualified expert, and I am not saying that this solves all problems and some children will need food exclusion diets, art therapy sessions or some other form of help for problems that may occur, but too many families with money prefer to use this as a way of allowing someone else to deal with their child and ‘label’ them, rather than admitting to themselves that they just need to spend more valuable time with them.


|Let’s look at it like this|


A child living a very privileged lifestyle that’s not doing too great at school, misbehaving at home and being disrespectful towards their parents may require expert help to understand what issues need resolving OR their parents who tend to just spend money on them instead of giving them time can actually carve an hour out of their day to focus on doing something with the child that they enjoy that costs nothing? Seems simple, right?

How would a family that cannot afford to send their child off to be checked out by an expert deal in this situation? The answer is they don’t need to because they do not have the money to shower their children with meaningless gifts, their currency is time and therefore this leads to respect, better relationships and a wonderful bond that money cannot buy.

Yes, as a Nanny we do all of this for the children and more, but we are not their parents and never will be, we are one of many role models that they will grow up with.

With my holistic approach to childcare, it does frustrate me that more and more children are being subject to these ‘tests’ and instantly begin to feel like something is actually wrong with them.

Take a minute to assess how much valuable time you spend with your little ones compared to how much money you spend on them each week and put two and two together, the answer is clear as day, parents spend more time with your children instead of money!

Until next time 

The Mindful Nanny





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