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A day in the life of a VIP Nanny

A day in the life of a VIP Nanny

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Sounds glamorous right?

Depends on your mindset.

This is the lifestyle a lot of  VIP Nannies lead, and each will have their own views and opinions.


There’s no real schedule when you get to the top, and you need to be constantly aware of what’s needed of you before you are even told.


It takes the term ‘being one step ahead’ to a WHOLE new level.


24/7 Rota roles are exactly that. You get zero time to yourself for an entire week, in most cases sleeping in the room with the child/ren.

You take care of all aspects of the routine, from coordinating school pick ups and drop offs with the driver, to scheduling play dates and healthy meals to be cooked by the personal chef.

Forget having any social life or hobbies on your weeks on, it ain’t happening. Career Nannies need to ensure they are 100% committed to the family and the role. 

But, your weeks off are a different ball game. 7 whole days to do whatever you like, or even travel for a couple of days. Making the most of this is key so you can relax and recuperate.

Routines obviously vary for each family and can begin very early in the morning and end late at night.

Take the day of Lizzy, VIP Nanny in Dubai.

“I’ve been doing this type of role for just over 4 years now, and whilst it is very demanding and fast paced, I love being the one in charge of the routines and other areas of the children’s lives. The travel is also wonderful and tiring, but that’s just the way it is! We are a super tight knit set of staff, so even though I can’t really have much of a social life, I do still have people around me that I can chat to and ask for advice.” 

6.30am– Day begins

Morning routine of potty, teeth cleaned and beds made then head down to breakfast which is brought in by one of 4 housekeepers.


Dressed for school, hair brushed, vitamins given and looking as smart as possible, ensuring shoes are polished and coats are clean. Short play time before school.


School. Head off with the driver to do drop off.


Any child related errands that need doing now is the time. From grabbing new clothes, to rearranging their wardrobes and toys.


Head back to school with the driver, pick up and check any notes from the teacher. Anything at all must be related directly to the Mother upon returning home.


Lunch, again brought in on a big tray by a staff member.


Chill time in the movie theatre. During this time I can grab my lunch, and be covered by either one of the other Nannies or a housekeeper.


Some form of afternoon activity depending on the day. It could be football, swimming or tennis. Anything they need must be checked twice to ensure it isn’t forgotten before we leave the house. We need to be constantly on the ball with all of their belongings and anything they may need, the family like all staff members to know where anything is at any given time.


Back home, play time before dinner. All toys away before we head down, leaving toys out to clear away later is not an option. I try and encourage the children as much as possible to help with this.


Dinner. Always some form of well-balanced meal. Usually, the most difficult of meals to do as they are tired at this point, and need to eat a certain amount before they can leave the table.


Bath/Shower time, any creams they need applying and potty time again before stories.


Stories with me or Mum if she is around.


Lights out.

I wait until they have drifted off, before taking the iPad with me so I can view them on the screen whilst I eat my dinner, return some messages and shower ready to start all over again the next morning. When we travel, it is completely different but this is our usual weekly routine when at home.

Main factors which are important are making sure I am always aware of what’s happening each day and can coordinate with other staff members and the Mum. Even small things that seem like nothing have to be considered as this house runs like clockwork and one step out of line could have a huge effect.

Whilst it may not seem as crazy and rock and roll as expected, things can change fast and we may need to jet off the next morning to one of their many houses for a random trip and this involves a lot of multitasking to get suitcases etc organised and ready to go with not much time at all to even think.

What experience do you guys have of working in these types of households? Or are you completely new to all of this?

Comment below and let us know what your routines have been like!


Until next time

Team Luna


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