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4 childcare courses Career Nannies should try

4 childcare courses Career Nannies should try

These days parents want to know what else their Nanny can do that will add value to their child’s lives, and the demands can be insane.

We handpicked 4 courses that will not only enable you to score those top jobs but add so much value to the children you care for that the time spent studying will be priceless.


  1. Managing Children’s Behaviour Course | Babyem | 23rd September, London UK| £85 |

This is a great course for any Nanny, as it gives you a deeper understanding of how to handle certain behavioural situations, options on distraction techniques and how you can identify different approaches to help any child.

2.  Children’s Yoga Teaching Certificate | Rainbow Yoga,  3-day Kids Teacher Training | Various locations Worldwide|

One of our faves for various reasons! Endless benefits for children ranging from how to cultivate focus, support and encourage creativity and the importance of a healthy mind and body.

3. Art Therapy Training | BAAT | UK & Worldwide | Various costs |

With this one, it appeals more in terms of holding a deeper sense of understanding that could benefit different children in many ways,  as well as being therapeutic and enabling children who are non-verbal to express themselves.

“Like play therapy is not just “play,” art therapy is not just “arts and crafts” or even its first cousin, the ubiquitous colouring book. And also like play, art created within the context of a therapeutic relationship is intended to help young clients not only to engage in self-exploration, it also involves purposeful meaning-making through specific art making.”

Cathy Malchiodi PhD, LPCC, LPAT, ATR-BC, REATArts and Health


4.  Child Nutrition Training | London, UK | £120 |

If you’ve experienced a fussy eater, which I’m sure many of you have then this is a good way to learn more about balanced meals, what nutrients children need more of and creative ways to incorporate them into their diet daily. Parents struggle a lot with children’s eating habits, so a Nanny that has done specific Nutrition Training for Children is a winner when applying for a new job.

With these in mind, there are endless other options too such as Maternity Nurse Training,  Sleep training and Life guarding to name but a few that are highly regarded by Parents these days.

Knowing how confusing it can be with regards to further studies as a Nanny, you can email me to find out more or just to discuss what options you may be looking into.


Comment below what courses appeal to you so we can share with the Nanny community!

Hope your summer is going great so far!



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