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To flaunt or not to flaunt? The REAL side of being a Travel Nanny

Travel Nanny Truth


So lately I feel like there are more and more articles cropping up that showcase the ‘lavish lifestyle’ of being a Nanny for wealthy families and how glamorous and wonderful it all is.

I agree entirely, to a certain extent.

It’s true that the higher up the Nanny Career ladder you climb, the wilder the lifestyles can become in terms of private jet travel, housing and gifts, not to mention the increase in salary.

But what about those contracts we have to sign that have water tight non-disclosures and confidentiality agreements? Do we just forget those when flaunting around in a skimpy bikini on a yacht and travelling to the South of France on a private jet that is now all over every social media platform you have an account on?

One to think about right there.

Yes it’s exciting and absolutely a perk of the job,  yet something like this or one slip up could lose you that job quicker than you can say home, which is where you will be heading.

Having worked for many families over my career, some of the highlights were just too exciting to not document and share with family, such as amazing hotels, boats and gifts, however, I made sure I never uploaded images with the children or disclosed names or photos of me in a bikini or floating around on a unicorn when I was supposed to be supervising the children.

You just don’t.

There’s a fine line that needs to be kept at all times, and even if you are best friends with the parents and you all get on so well, that air of professionalism needs to be maintained even after you finish up working for them.

I’m not saying this is all Nannies, but some do go into this line of work purely for the lifestyle and not because they actually have a passion for working with children and want to help them learn and grow through being an exceptional role model.

What extent do you feel is acceptable in terms of sharing your career lifestyle? Would you wear a bikini or a more modest cover up around the children?

Here is me on a work trip in the Caribbean, on a catamaran with my modest bathing suit on for you all to get tips from 😉


Let’s be honest, they aren’t the most flattering of outfits but you are not there to meet your future husband! It’s a work trip and needs to be kept, you know, well covered!

How often would you post about where you are and what you are doing??

We’d love to hear your feedback and see what the general thoughts are and the kind of things you guys have learned since starting out as a Career Nanny.

Enjoy the rest of the summer in your modest bathing suits!












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