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The rise of the single career Nanny and why it’s a problem

Today I wanted to touch on something a little more personal, something that not many people talk about. The dating life of a Nanny.

You know exactly where I’m going with this, and sadly it’s becoming more of an issue.

Living in, working very long hours and often travelling a lot with the same family, leaves very little time to put yourself out there and mingle with potential suitors, let alone even see your friends half of the time. Yet these are the sacrifices we make as professional Nannies who dedicate our lives to the family we are working for at that moment in time.

However, it goes beyond not having time to meet a guy or girl.

Through my own personal experience and 10 years as a Nanny, I had 2 short term relationships. Now, me being a Nanny did not interfere hugely with these but other factors as a single Nanny did.

Take my time living in Switzerland for example.

I was working for a very well known family, earning a good salary and self-sufficient, yet every time it came to meeting and talking to guys out and about whether it was in a bar, at a friends dinner party or by the lake, I got the same reaction EACH TIME I told them what I did for a living.

‘Oh you’re just a Nanny’


And that was it, done. No further conversation, no offer of a dinner date or drinks. The end.

This did lead to (on one occasion) me actually lying about ‘what I did for work’ and making up that I worked in Portfolio Management for a Swiss Bank. I don’t even know what that involves but it sounded ‘cool’ and it actually worked, sadly enough. We spoke for more than ten minutes and he invited me on a date, to which I told him the truth and he found it hilarious.

Luckily I’m confident enough in myself to know that I am not just a Nanny and the career I choose added great value to all of the children I worked with and cared for, as well as the parents. I helped to have an input in young lives, watch them grow, help them learn and teach them life skills every single day, alongside creating lasting friendships that will last a lifetime.

If that’s not an awesome, extremely important role then I don’t know what is.

Ok, you may be a lawyer with a fancy salary and work benefits, but what happens when you have children and both you and your wife need to hire someone to look after the most precious thing in your life? Will you still frown upon someone who works as a Nanny then? Thought not.

Another factor is that working in a private household very rarely involves being surrounded by potential single suitors. Ok, you may fancy Manu the French chef, but a little flirt whilst you ask him what he will make the children for dinner is as far as it will ever go in most cases. Plus, a lot of Nannies don’t even have other staff in the household.


There comes a time when most of us will be ready to settle down, and devote our love, energy and time to a family of our own, and some choose not to. That’s totally ok. I know many happy, free and single Nannies living the dream in their 40’s and 50’s. Some of whom have been with their family for over a decade.

But the reality is, some of us do want to meet someone. Someone who can see the real passion in why we do the job we do, the beauty of it, and why it is one of the most important jobs in the world.


So here’s to all the fancy pants corporate guys that look down upon Nannies, one day you will realise that a child is the most important thing in someone’s life and when it comes to either money and status, or your child, it’s a no brainer which one you’d choose (I’d like to think so anyway!).

Being a Nanny is more than just being around children. It’s being a role model, a Co – Parent and a leading figure in a child’s life. My advice is, the next time someone gives you this reaction, you know they ain’t worth you even explaining how awesome your job is (or how awesome you are!) and know that out there, there are people that respect the Career of a Nanny and you should wait for them instead. How you meet them, I wish I could tell you!

Keep it real Nannies, you’re worth it.








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