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How to avoid conflict when moving on from a Nanny job


You prepped. You interviewed. You bagged your dream Nanny job. You are awesome.

Now comes the dreaded ‘handing in the notice’ moment.

So unless you are just starting out on your career as a Nanny, we’ve all had that moment of handing in the notice to inform the family you are with that you will be leaving them in however many weeks it may be.

Moving onto a new job is exciting, nerve wracking and scary at the same time. We want to climb the career ladder and the opportunity has been presented and woohoo you bagged the job!!

In most cases, it will go smoothly and the family will be sad yet thrilled for you, invite you over every other month to see them and the children plus maybe you will get cards on your Birthday, maybe you won’t, who knows?


What about the ones that go down like a lead balloon? Like you just tore their family unit apart, did awful things to their pet cat and threw a Project X style party when they went away? All not real of course (I hope?!) but that’s how their reaction makes you feel.


What do you do? How do you survive the next 4-6 weeks of working your notice knowing that they are so mortified you are leaving and want to pursue another passion/ take on a role abroad/ go travelling or whatever your reason may be?

Let’s break it down.

1. You HAVE NOT committed a crime. 

You are simply doing you, and what works for you best at that moment in time and if it means leaving the job for something else, then so be it. You are allowed to make your own decisions, they do not own you.

2. They are not your children 

Of course, you love them (in most cases!) you’ve seen them grow and had a huge impact on their lives each day, but they are not your full-time responsibility. Reassuring the parents you will stay in touch regularly and visit when you can is a great way to help things settle, and if the children are slightly older you can keep in touch via emails and ask them to update you on what they have been up to.

3. They will survive with out you.

As a Nanny, you leave a huge impression on the children you care for, and the parents rely highly on someone they can trust to be there for their children when they can’t. Part of this is why they get so emotional and upset/crazy when notices are handed in. Guilt trips can be put on and even bribes in some cases, but stand your ground, be strong and know that you are doing this for you. Hey, you can even offer to help interview their next potential suitor for them as who knows the role better than you?

4. Remain professional 

If there is no way you can get through to them your reasons for leaving, try and remain professional the entire time you work your notice. It will be hard, it will be tiring but this is key to succeeding in any career, not just as a Nanny. Don’t let it drop.

Children are innocent, and will not hold anything against you which is all that matters.

So when it comes down to it, take a deep breath and just DO IT.

They will always remember you regardless, and they are only so upset because of how highly they regard you and what you do for their children. So in a way, it’s kind of a weird compliment!

It’s nothing personal, never forget this and the excitement of your new role should overcome all of this anyway!!


NOTE: No cats were harmed in the making of this blog.

I want to hear from you guys about your experiences leaving a job.

Any crazy reactions? Swearing? Crying?

Whatever reaction, good or bad, sharing is caring so let’s chat.

Until next time








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