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The ONE question people always ask when you tell them you are a Nanny

So I’m sure by now you know that we like to talk about real things here and I know as Nannies, we’ve seen and experienced a lot over the years.

This week I wanted to discuss that burning question everyone seems to have when you find yourself in a new social situation such as meeting new people, friends of friends etc.

I have honestly had this more times than I care to remember, and at first felt so mortified and embarrassed that people would even consider this, let alone have the nerve to actually ask it that I would feel the need to defend myself even though I’d never done anything wrong or ever had this happen to me.

The thing is, it doesn’t come from anywhere, it comes from actual proof and media hype about high profile cases of this nature that have happened and been publicised. I myself, have had a friend that it happened to once and she made a swift get away the next morning having been offered money to keep things on the down low.

Know what I’m talking about yet? I’m sure you do, that all time conversation starter of ‘Oh you’re a Nanny! Has the Dad ever tried it on with you?’ – I am aware it could also be the Mum that attempts to stray, but from personal experience, we shall go with this.

No, no and no! Never.

Lucky me. Right?

I honestly cannot think of a more awkward situation than this, and unless you work for a single Dad and it would actually be an ok situation, then the thought of ever crossing that line is pretty mortifying.

As a professional, it’s kind of sad to hear people assume this just because of how closely you work with families and of course all the news stories about incidents like this.

If I ever found myself in this situation I have zero idea how I’d react.

Well, I wouldn’t ‘react’ in the way that would be expected of the other person, as this is not acceptable by any means.

This is why knowing boundaries and the ‘fine line’ is so key because sometimes it can be easy to over step the mark, especially if you get on crazy well with the entire family and it no longer actually feels like a job to you.

You barely get time to get out and date, spend all your working hours mainly in the same environment with the same people and you know, it can mess with people’s minds a little right?

All this being said, I’ve only ever had the question asked and would like to know your thoughts on this, if it’s happened to you or not, or if you know someone that has also been put in this situation.

It’s certainly interesting to know that so many people have no idea about this kind of industry, so all they really have to relate to is what they see in the media, which is always so far fetched and tainted anyway! Yet they find it so fascinating that there are people, like us that Nanny full time and have this work life that is very different to the average 9-5.

I eventually started finding the question amusing and took it with a pinch of salt, and would usually follow up with enlightening them on the wonderful and crazy world of being a Career Nanny, to the point where they soon forgot the question that they asked!

So please, share your thoughts and experiences!

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