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Why being a Nanny does not set you up for Parenthood

As a Nanny do you feel it really helps to set you up for parenthood?

Hey guys,

We are now in September believe it or not, and this year is just flying by!

Fall/ Autumn is such a wonderful time for children to explore outdoors, and you can plan so many fun crafts with crisp leaves, wood and other items found outdoors in nature. Taking it back to basics is the best way to help them learn!

Now speaking of learning,  one question that keeps cropping up during conversations and is always in the media, is as a Nanny do you feel it really helps to set you up for parenthood? Or would you still feel none the wiser when it comes to having your own children?

This is something I really have pondered many a time, and we all know as a Nanny you need to have the patience of a Saint, yet reviews are mixed when ex Nannies are asked this question who now have their own children.

Some say they look back fondly on the days they could hand them back at the end of the day, and the freedom of knowing it was a career they loved but had no ‘real’ ties to, and others thank their Nanny career hands down for setting them up fully for parenthood.


I think the truth really depends on the individual and how they handle life in general, not just having children.

We can prepare ourselves as much as possible, in many different ways and take advice and guidance from people close to us and experts, yet I truly believe that having a child is not something that can be explained until you actually experience it for yourself, not as a Nanny, or an Aunt, or an Uncle or even just a friend, it is a unique experience to you and that is what it all comes down to.

Now I have friends that had children in their early twenties, and they see how I am with their children and they admire my teachings, passion and ways with them and say how well prepped I must be for when the time comes to have my own (if I choose to) and that I’ll be the best Mum ever. This is wonderful to hear and makes me feel delighted of course, yet I don’t think they should feel they aren’t worthy as a Mother purely because they had zero experience with children before becoming a parent?

Learning is a part of life and is what enables us to grow as people.

Yes, the tantrums will still be there, the fussy eating and the bumps and tears, but it will be experienced as your OWN child, in a completely different environment with no one to answer to except yourself and your new little one and that in itself cannot be prepared for in my opinion.

Enjoy the ride Nannies, as the next one has no option to get off 🙂

Until next time




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