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5 reasons your Nanny Career is awesome!


Hey guys,

So after the last few recent blog posts highlighting the slight downsides to being a Nanny, we felt we needed to spice things up in terms of whats actually awesome about being a Nanny, and why you are winning daily on the career train.

I read an article recently that talked about some of the more ‘under the radar’ career choices that didn’t require you to have a degree yet still paid very well, and being a Nanny was one of them.

Why is it that being a Nanny is still not offered as an actual serious career choice?

Having spoken in many high schools and colleges that have students studying Health and Social or Early Childhood Studies, it always baffles me when they sit there (85% of them) and are completely clueless that this is even an option!

The chance to work abroad and travel? Decent salary and benefits all whilst doing something I love? Whatttttttt.

Let’s discuss the major real aspects of why being a Nanny makes you awesome and magical all at the same time.


1. You learn essential life skills such as patience, respect and discipline

Being a Nanny requires the patience of a Saint, and this sadly isn’t a skill everyone is born with but it can be learned. I interviewed a Manny a few weeks back, and when asked what he loved about working with children he actually blew me away with his response:

I interviewed a Manny a few weeks back, and when asked what he loved about working with children he actually blew me away with his response:

” Working with children requires you to be fully present and in the moment, they need your full attention, and you cannot switch off from that like most other things in life. It isn’t that simple, and you wouldn’t want it to be because what you give to them and what you receive in return is undeniably one of the most unique experiences you will ever have in your job.”

Safe to say, it’s the best response I’ve ever had to that question.

2. Your day consists of fun stuff that takes you back to your childhood such as play dough (love!) and Legos.

It’s all fun and games until you stand on a stray piece and want to howl abuse at whoever didn’t tidy them away, yet as a Nanny you know it’s best to not use the big shout, and instead, encourage tidy up time as a team effort.

Then there’s the day trips and the baking, and experiencing first time things of their’s which are truly magical and make you feel beyond honoured to be a part of that. Not forgetting the scribbles on paper that they hand to you as a sign of affection, or the spontaneous hugs and kisses. Winning daily is an understatement.

3. You get to have an input in the upbringing of an actual human. How cool is that?!

From planning weekly nutritious meals to providing strategies and implementing activities to help them reach their milestones, you play a crucial part in this each time you walk through the door and that’s some huge job gratification right there.

4.  Daily learning.

Not only are you enabling the children to learn from your teachings and by being their role model, but you are learning a lot about life a long the way. Whether that’s different cultures if you take a job abroad, or learning the art of being comfortable spending time alone such as dining out at a restaurant or exploring a new place where you know no one. These are aspects that not a lot of people associate with being a Nanny, but are absolutely there and will benefit you for years to come and create experiences that will last a lifetime.

5. You gain a second family.

In most cases anyway. You get an invite to everything and love it when the grandparents visit so you can update them on their grandchild’s latest achievements and what fun things you have been doing together.  You have a great working relationship with the parents and they appreciate every single thing you do for their family which feels incredible and just makes it even harder when the time comes to leave!

Being paid to do something you love used to be so hard to come by, and many people held a lot of negativity towards the thought of this and assumed work had to be ‘hard, gruelling and make you feel horrific each day’.

The days of the rat race as they were known are slowly coming to an end and many people are enjoying career options on their own terms and pursuing what they truly want to do rather than getting stuck on the conveyor belt with no way off. Luckily for Nannies, we’ve been living this way for a long time now, it just wasn’t as apparent.

Have you found that many people are shocked when you tell them what you do for work? Or has this not been the case for you and everyone knows that being a Nanny is an awesome career choice?

Thoughts, please! Let’s start the debate.

Until next time




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