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4 ways to keep on top of your nutritional needs on the job


Hey, guys!

The past few weeks have been crazy busy and we’ve finally moved into our new Manchester office which is wonderful and if you are ever around you must call in and say hi!

Recently I’ve been getting more into plant-based eating and meal prepping the night before so I know I’ll be getting a decent breakfast and lunch the next day regardless of how busy my day turns out to be.

Now, this got me thinking- how do you manage your dietary requirements within the home? That is if you have any, but knowing how I have struggled in the past, and not wanting to appear rude when offered food, I wanted to talk about ways in which we can try and maintain and stick to our healthy eating habits or certain restrictions/allergies you may have.


1.Make it clear from the get-go.

Don’t prance around it, it’s a part of you and nutrition is so important so if there’s something you avoid or don’t like/eat make it known! If you don’t speak up, you could end up becoming really sick and we all know the guilt that makes us feel if we have to call in sick!


2. Plan ahead.

So say if you are vegetarian or vegan, know what you can take with you to work or tell the parents what to add to the shopping list so that you can guarantee there will always be something for you to eat on duty. There’s nothing worse than going without and feeling faint!


3.  Look into healthy snack options to always carry on you in case of sugar level drops.

Just like we prep snacks for the children, we’ve got to think of ourselves too and how can you be expected to run around and be all jolly if you are running on empty?! Snacks in your bag at all times.


4. Tea is always a good idea.

Especially when travelling, I always try and carry some peppermint tea bags on me at all times in case of feeling a little nauseous or in need of a quick pick me up, oh and they are amazing for bloat! They also come in handy when doing overnight stays and you need something to help wind down such as chamomile.


So many families now lead alternative lifestyles when it comes to their diets and what they allow their children to eat, and most love any kind of new ideas you can incorporate to help them in any way possible. Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell them wether you are Veggie, Vegan, Dairy free or whatever it may be, as you may be surprised by their reaction and how open they are to this way of life.

We would love to hear how you deal with your own dietary requirements/ way of life when on duty so please do drop us an email to lucy@lunachildcollective.com

Have a great week!





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