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Winter wonder tips for busy Nannies

Winter wonder tips for busy Nannies




The weather here in the UK has been rather crazy the past few days!

Actual warm weather, at some times warmer than what we usually get in May! Crazyyyy.

I always feel that going from hot to cold very quick sets off all kinds of sicknesses and leaves people feeling very meh in general.


But as we know it wasn’t just a strange happening, it was all brought on by the storm that’s been passing by so hopefully soon things will return to normal and we can gradually slide into the winter months as usual.


Now, whether you live in or live out (and have to make that dreaded public transport journey to work each morning) you are sure to need some tricks up your sleeve for preventing any kind of flu/sickness happening to you this winter so you do not have to worry about the guilt of being off sick, or feeling terrible whilst on the job.

Remember, looking after yourself is a key aspect of being an awesome Nanny!!




1. Prepare

Always have a decent jacket on as the days get colder and shorter, and have in your bag some gloves and a hat just in case the weather changes quickly. There is nothing worse than the parents looking at you mortified as you rock up still wearing a cute summer dress and thin jacket that will not protect you from the winter elements at all. #beresponsible.



2. Nanny bag of tricks (for you)

A little pouch or bag within your main bag that contains all kinds of ailments for whatever may arise. From essential oils (olbas oil is fab!) to flu tablets, Vix rub and tissues for any time a cold or bad head decides to creep up on you and you need assistance getting through the rest of the day.



3. Sleep

I know this can be a difficult one, especially for those of you on 24/7 rota roles but PLEASEEEEE try and get at least 7/8 hours per night when you know you have a long day ahead of you the next day. Yes, socializing is key too but if you aren’t feeling wonderful and have lost that spring in your step, get an early night and the next day will hopefully be all rainbows and unicorns again.



4.  Herbal tea

Making another appearance this week is the awesome benefits of herbal teas.

My current fave for a sore throat is Yogi tea’s Throatwarmer. It works wonders after just one cup and you can make this up before you head out the door to work and drink on the go. Drinking a ton of water anyway will help on normal days, not just for sick days.




I know many families in the USA require their Nanny to get a flu jab but this, of course, all depends on you, and I personally just ensured I ate well, slept enough and had an emergency supply of Berroca on hand just in case.

Keep it real and most of it is just common sense anyway, plus you will be so used to looking after children that aren’t well that you know the in’s and out’s to keeping on top of things this time of year.

If you have any winter wonder tips you swear by please do let us know so we can share them with the Nanny community!

Have a great week!






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