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Being held back from climbing the Career Ladder?

Being held back from climbing the Career Ladder?



Hey guys!


How’s November treating you?


All good here at the Luna hub!

Lot’s of exciting things coming up, especially festive activities! No Christmas tunes allowed in the office just yet though!



Now, I wanted to strip back to basics with this week’s blog in terms of what is actually a reality for many Nannies each day, week and sometimes even years if they continue to stay in a role where this is an issue but they sadly feel they cannot move on.



I talked about it in last weeks podcast (episode 7 link here) but I feel it needed its own blog post, to really capture the issues we face in the workplace and why it’s still in some cases, a very unfair working environment.


So here we are discussing what is SO important in any job for people to be able to just survive basically.






That’s right. Whether it’s a pay rise, negotiating your initial hourly rate, or spending out of your own pocket on things for the children, it’s a major issue and sadly seems to be worse in UHNW households.



Now, if like me, your mind is just completely blown by the fact people with an endless pit of money can scrimp over paying you an extra £1/$1 an hour- then welcome along and please get comfy whilst we discuss this ever-burning issue.

It’s not that we are being greedy by any means, but I think once you have at least 2-3 years under your belt and you apply for a new job, it is completely acceptable to request an extra 10/20% on top of what you were last paid, because you are effectively ‘climbing the ladder’, a term which sadly not a lot of Families seem to understand when it comes to being a career Nanny.


Why is it ok for corporates to climb the ladder? Or any other type of career that includes promotions and bonuses? Yet once again, Nannying is not considered in this league.



Sad times.


Then we have the whole ‘using your own money’ for basics for the house, craft supplies and petrol. Not in every case but in quite a few from what I’ve heard, it takes an age to get this money back. Even if it’s below £10, you are made to justify every single penny spent.


You look after their children, there’s no way you’d con them out of a few ££, you just wouldn’t would you?


And then, we have the alllll time favourite of mine, which will never ever be resolved and that is the utter confusion over how it is totally acceptable for you to be paid barely above minimum wage and work crazy hours, yet the family come home daily with items of clothing, bags and even food that costs more than your entire months salary.



That salary that you have worked so hard for, put all your effort into because you love and care for those children so much, yet any mention of a slight pay rise (and I’m talking very small) or overtime pay and ahhhhhhh it’s like you actually just committed a crime.



How is this ok? In my mind, children come before ANYTHING. Yet to give the person that spends most of their time with them a small bonus as a kind gesture, or increase their salary from £10 to £12 an hour is seen as absolute horror and the ultimate sin.


So we continue to take the tags off the expensive clothes, to turn a blind eye to the designer bags and shoes and be content with the fact we know those children are well cared for and loved and that’s all that matters.


Being materialistic really gets you nowhere.







Maybe it’s to compensate not having that same bond with their children? Or to fill a void in other areas of their lives? I think we can all agree both of these are valid reasons.


But it’s still just, crazy.



It’s not being greedy or wanting more. It’s about knowing your worth and what you put it, and that in any other job everything is noted down and done properly.



That being said, we leave each day with lots to be grateful for and that is something that is absolutely priceless, not even a designer bag can give you the kind of satisfaction that a child does.


So, how can we begin to combat this and slowly bring about changes to the ‘system’ as such?


We gotta stick together. Measures need to be brought in by more valid sources of childcare providers that enable parents to be made aware that we are in fact entitled to some simple aspects of being employed and progressing with each role or each year that passes.


It’s easy enough to say hold a meeting with your bosses, but we don’t all have the guts to do this, especially if they make you feel intimidated enough as it is.


Raising awareness is a start, and the more we discuss openly then hopefully the more Nannies will feel empowered to speak their minds when it comes to these simple factors that aren’t even an issue but are made to feel like one.


So what’re your thoughts on this?


Do you feel you are stuck in a similar situation? Or are you baffled that this happens as you have never come across anything like it?


Thoughts and experiences, please!

Have a great week!





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