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When Thanksgiving literally means all the food

When Thanksgiving literally means all the food


Good morning!


This week, even though it is very clear I am not American, I cannot help but share my love for Thanksgiving at this time of year.

Mainly, because of alllllll the foods, but also because I feel it really has a wonderful vibe about it, in like a ‘coming together’ kinda way.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend a few over in the USA, including this upcoming one, and thoughts I’d share some of my absolute favorite recipes and craft ideas with you.


It’s a time to be happy and eat lots to prep in time for Christmas! What more do you need?



  1. The absolute essential, even before the Turkey, is Pumpkin pie. 
  2.   Braised Red Cabbage 
  3.  Brown butter garlic carrots 



I’ve always made these to take along to a dinner and they never fail.



Now, for Thanksgiving crafts, the one at the top of my list is decorated mason jars like these, made using leaves picked locally.

Plus, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without doing some form of craft that involves making a Turkey, like these super cute pine cone versions




Do you celebrate at all? If so, what types of crafts do you enjoy doing with the children?

Also any awesome food recipes you have please share!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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