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How to actually bag a job you REALLY want

How to actually bag a job you REALLY want


Heyyy, how are you all doing??


I’m currently on my travels and writing this blog from one of my all-time favorite places in the world, Switzerland.

So many fond memories of when I lived here and it’s always so nice to come back and catch up with friends and see what’s changed.



Well, not much has changed apart from the fact they have finally jumped on the healthy super foods bandwagon and now do so many options for people with food intolerances such as Almond milk etc, and have lots of cool juice and salad bars! Well done Geneva!



There has always been a big community of Nannies here in Geneva, and I have plans to meet up with some of them during my trip and get the low down on how things are here now in terms of opportunities for Nannies moving to Geneva.

So this leads us on to something that I feel has become a real frustration lately for Nannies and agencies alike.



How do you find a job that you reallllly want and like?

We get so many different requests which, of course, is normal. Yet more and more Nannies have issues and problems that arise when searching for their next position.

Why is this? What’s going on?!

One example is from a facebook group a few weeks back, where I saw a Nanny clearly vent her frustration at still being unable to find ‘the right match’ and how is it possible that there seem to be so many agencies with jobs, yet nothing suitable?

Well, put it this way, finding the right family is like searching for the perfect partner.



If you are constantly stressing, and focusing soooooo much energy on it then it will feel like you are hitting a brick wall daily, yet if you apply and leave it be, knowing you’ve done everything in your power to find your next suitable role, something will come along in no time.

It’s actually amazing how sometimes we cannot find the right match for a family no matter how hard we try, yet if we allow it to be put out there casually and not constantly hound people, the right match just always seems to appear when the time is right for both sides.



Don’t get me wrong now, sometimes the perfect job doesn’t always work out two months in, but worrying and feeling completely at a loose end over when something will come up for you really won’t help matters and your desperation may just be too apparent in interviews.

The truth is, there are ALOT of agencies out there now, and it becomes a constant battle to find the right match as it really is a combination of things and doesn’t always depend on your experience or what’s down on paper, same goes for the parents.

Plus, how do you even know which agency to use? Again, another battle.



Recommendations are key, so use ones that your Nanny friends have used, and if you are just starting out then do not just go off gumtree/craigslist ad’s because you really cannot trust who is posting on there, especially if you are new to all this.


Few tips for figuring out how to cut out all the noise and focus on a job that suits YOU:

  • Ask around for friends advice and how they found their job.
  • Work with one or two agencies at a time MAX.
  • Ensure all your documents are up to scratch and in a readable format
  • Be clear about your requirements too, without coming across as too demanding.
  • If you feel an agency being too pushy and not listening to what you’d like, then ditch them and move on.



Have you been really struggling lately to lock in a job that’s awesome? I’m always happy to talk through any worries or concerns you may have to just reach out and we can sort it out and look at better options for you.

Have a great week wether you are job hunting or not!

Until next time





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