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Why less is more for children this Christmas

Why less is more for children this Christmas


December is here!

I actually feel like this year has not gone that fast, anyone else?!

It’s officially freezing that’s for sure, and the thought of getting all wrapped up to head out to a packed shopping mall to battle amongst many other crazy shoppers does not thrill me at all!


Maybe you’ve already started your Christmas shopping, or finished it, but eitherway I wanted to discuss a slightly different approach to gift giving this season.


Having seen so many households filled with toys that either get broken, forgotten about or the children become bored of, it made me realise over the years that they really do not need so many toys.


Yes, the giving part is great and I guess many will say ‘it’s the best part about childhood’, but to what good and for how long?

Are children really appreciating the gifts you are giving them? Or will that Shopkins toy just end up lost like all the other small plastic parts they’ve accumulated?


I used to stress A LOT over what to buy the children I cared for. Whether it was a birthday or Christmas,  I worried they’d judge me because I couldn’t afford the extravagent toys they circled in the catalogues, or that they wouldn’t like them and spend the day ignoring me.



How insane to think this way?!

They are children and not in charge by any means especially when it comes to accepting a gift.

Yet, sadly this does happen.




So much so that now I barely ever buy children gifts. I much prefer to offer them experiences, spend time with them doing something they love of their choice, or create my own meaningful gift that will last a lot longer and not just end up stuffed behind the dressing up box.



Recent ideas have been a nice photo frame with a picture of us in, home made bath bombs and glitter soaps, or a trip to their favourite ice cream store.



It really is the thought that counts, and buying children gifts is sometimes not worth the stress and hassle.




Now, of course, I’m not saying this applies to everything and some things can be bought that are very meaningful and they will use- especially older children, but don’t go breaking the bank or a sweat over getting them something extravagant.



Leading a more ‘clutter free’ life has made this easier for me to do, and seeing children with so much, yet still wanting more and being ungrateful made me take a different approach to gift giving and for the better all round.




Especially when there’s so many children that have nothing in the world. I believe we should be teaching children a little more about mindful gifting, and even offering to donate to a charity in their name and enabling them to become more aware and concious of the world outside of receiving gifts.



How do you gift children? Do you go over the top or buy something small for each of them?

Share your ideas so we can spread the word on less really is more and introducing more children to the wonders of mindful gifting at any age!

Happy mindful gifting!









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