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A beginners guide to Nanny Personal Branding

A beginners guide to Nanny Personal Branding



Happy New Year!


The holidays went by so fast as always and I hope you all managed to get enough rest, family time, and allll of the foods!


With January being the main time everyone decides to start making changes in all aspects of their lives, I wanted to start by bringing up a major game changer when it comes to presenting yourself in the best light possible as a Nanny.

This year, it’s all about Personal Branding. 


Gone are the instagram style selfies, the nightclub shots (believe me, people somehow think these are acceptable application photos!) and the easy to make errors. If you want to truly succeed in these high flying roles you HAVE to be on top of your game at all times and this starts with how you portray yourself to potential employers and those interviewing you for these UHNW roles.


Here are my top 5 key points to consider when re branding yourself in preperation for interviews:



Now, I’m not requesting everybody has an acting style headshot taken for each application, however think about your target audience and who is going to be reviewing your application and the role you are applying for.

Do you really want a future VIP Family to look at a picture taken of you in a nightclub toilet on a saturday night?

A family memeber or friend can easily take a decent photo of you with a not too fussy back drop that shows off your personality in a good light, not a crazy one! First impressions are key and sadly a picture does tell a thousand words so make them good ones, ok?


2. Social Media 

It’s not illegal to google someones name, and I’d say atleast 8/10 families ALWAYS check out potential candidates on social media platforms, including agencies (yes, we do).

So, it’s time to clean up your pages, tighten your security aspects and be careful what you post going forward that could have the wrong affect and potentially jepordise that dream job you have your eye on.

This also includes sharing any details of a job you may already be in without prior permission from the family. We’ve heard of way too many incidents in which Nannies have been given their notice period due to a lapse in privacy. Don’t let this ruin your career.


3. Outfit options


Suitable attire, modest, appropriatley dressed, whatever you’d like to refer to it as, it matters.

We get that it’s hard to look amazing 24/7 when working with children and no one expects this (unless it’s an extreme case) but like anything in life, a clean, smart outfit goes a long way and people judge very easily based on how a person looks.

Smart/casual is best and a comfy dark top, jeans/ trousers along with clean cut nails and hair are easily acceptable. Of course this changes with the seasons but for anyone in this industry it’s key you pay attention to detail. Would you want someone looking after your children and cooking for them with dirty finger nails?

No, exactly.

Ladies, low cut tops are a no go!

Shoes too. Comfy yet easy to put on and take off will make those busy schedules so much easier when you are in and out of the door all day!

Little tip, always have a nice pair of ‘indoor shoes’ to hand for those houses that require them.

A lack of care in your own personal appearance gets minds wondering how well you pay attention to detail with the children in your care, and no one wants that do they?


4. Conversation


We all talk differently to our friends and family than we do to our employers, I mean it’s just a completley different ball game! Yet this isn’t that widely acknowledged and similar to photos or personal presentation, the slightest thing can be taken the wrong way depending on who you are talking to.

Choose your words wisely and remember that manners are also key.


5. What you are about


What are your values? What is important to you? How would you describe yourself in one sentence? Knowing who you are will help you to clearly define the types of roles you apply for and how you manage certain situations in the workplace.

It will also give you confidence in knowing your self worth and what you bring into the family household in terms of your skill sets, prescence, knowledge and expertise.

Also, you are less likely to be a push over in terms of working over time without being compensated and all the other little things that can add up in this industry if you know what you are about and use your voice.




All of these aspects help to define who you are not just as a Nanny (or other member of household staff) but as a person, and help you to stand out from the crowd and acheive what you want to in life.

Don’t sit on the side lines awaiting the next opportunity to come along, because it wont.

These days you need to put yourself out there, take every chance you can and make the most of what comes your way.




We are a community here, a network of professionals all in this industry and we want to help YOU.

It can get tough, lonely and crazy at times but by coming together we can all help to define who we really are.


Wether this is all new to you or you are fully in the profession, it can be so easy to loose your identity and 2018 is the year we change things up by providing more support, action plans, goals and of course helping you to get your personal branding out there and get noticed!


Our Personal Branding Program is open now for applicants.

For more information contact me at lucy@lunachildcollective.com for your FREE consultation to enable you to see how you can truly re brand yourself and change the way others see you within the industry to ensure you bag the job you REALLY want and stand out from the crowd.

I shall look forward to working with you soon!

Until next time





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