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How do you define your Craft?

How do you define your Craft?


Hey guys,

How are your January plans going so far?

I’ve seen lots of social media posts about Veganuary, Dry January and all kinds of goals and intentions that people have set for themselves.

But how many of them are realistic? I’m not really keen on the term ‘resolution’ I think intention works soooo much better and just has a more positive conotation attached to it!

We are all about positivity here!


Following on from last weeks blog regarding Nanny Personal Branding (which has had an insane result fyi!!!) I thought it would be great to follow up with this post about honing your craft.


As a Nanny, what is it that defines you daily in your duties?

Is it your methods of implementing fun tasks and the way you manage the childrens routine meticulously?

Or perhaps how you can magically whip up cup cakes with a 3 year old whilst ensuring the baby is safe and entertained?


Each Nanny is different and incredibly talented in their own way, and nailing down what makes you different is a perfect example of how this goes hand in hand with Personal Branding.


Knowing your craft can enable you to add insane value to the children you care for, as well as being highly respected by people within the industry and families you will work with.

If you were to name 2 skills you feel are valuble to a family what would they be? Why do you feel these are essential in expressing how passionate you truly are about this type of job?

The term Nanny cannot be defined in one word, or even one sentence for that matter. It takes an entire paragraph to define what we actually do as professional Nannies in todays world, yet I can garantee that if you take the time to pick apart what makes you special and unique as an individual in this industry, it will enable you to maintain confidence and grounding when on the job, and give you the expertise needed when climbing up the Nanny career ladder.



Don’t be just another ‘ I play duplo and go to the park all day’. What are valuble learning aspects in these small tasks?

Pick apart a standard day in the Nanny life of YOU and it will open your eyes to how valuble your craft really is.



Our Personal Branding course is still open so join us today to save your place on this awesome new online course designed specifically for you!

Hope to see you there!

Don’t follow the crowd, figure your own path out Nannies!

Until next week









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