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For when you need someone other than the Housekeeper to rant to

For when you need someone other than the Housekeeper to rant to




Hey guys!

Is it just me, or does it feel like the darkness will never end? It’s so dark until at least 8.30am every day, up here in the north anyway!

I’m sure spring will be here in no time though and we can blow away those winter blues, finally.

This week is a very relatable topic for anyone that works within a household and has experienced the need to rant about the job, the kids, the Mum, the dog etc.

BUT who to turn to when it’s all seemingly kicking off for you?

Unless you have a Head Nanny as your go to, or an official House Manager, it’s very difficult within this kind of industry.

My go to was ALWAYS the Housekeeper. Every. Single. Time.



When you are lacking the confidence to take it straight to the top (because lets face it there is no middle man) my preferred method was to moan to other staff members in search of answers, but the worst part was they all felt the same! So we would become a pit of negativity all together, planning how to fix the situation, when we could leave and living for the weekend every time Monday morning came around.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t always like this or in every job I held, however, a select few did push me to my limits quite a few times!


Then there was the actual transition from normal household to UHNW/VIP. Who prepares you for this?

Where is the manual that tells you how to handle certain situations, how to act and speak and what’s appropriate?


You figure it out alone, and this can be the number one downfall. It’s a completely different ball game when you are no longer the only staff member but in a team of 15 and need to negotiate pick up times with drivers, meal plan with the chef catering for various allergies and ensure the cashmere gets washed correctly.

Some of us figure it out, and some of us don’t.

How can you gain the support needed that just isn’t available within the house?

You couldn’t find it anywhere.


Until now.

We’ve partnered with VIP Coaching & Mentoring to give all Private Household Staff members the opportunity to be coached and mentored the right way.

With a vast array of support and guidance specifically created for Private Household Staff, there has never been a better time than now to source out your own mentor! VIP Coaching & Mentoring provide specialist on-line support for Private Household Staff.



70% of private household staff said it would be beneficial to have a coach or mentor that they could work with when they start a new job.

50% said that having this support would make them happier at work and stay in their current role for longer.

40% said they have episodes of feeling isolated or lonely.

20% said they experienced mental health issues directly associated with working in a private household.

Want to find out more?

Head over to www.VIPcoachingandmentoring.com to discover more on how you can feel more supported within this industry.

Things are changing and it’s time to get on board.

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