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What do Parents really want out of their Nanny?

What do Parents really want out of their Nanny?

Hey everyone!

Following on from recent talks surrounding the workplace and treating of Nannies around the world, I wanted to do a two part series on gaining a thorough understanding into what Parents actually want from their Nanny.

We can all assume, guess, and go along with what they have asked us to do, but is it really what they are thinking? And how on earth are we expected to read their minds more times than we can even begin to think about?

Now that I am on the side of actually enabling both parties to find their ‘perfect Nanny match’ and not just working as a Nanny, I have become acustomed to what Parents really want from someone they are hiring to take care of the most precious thing in their lives (in most cases anyway!).

It’s interesting because even though I was a Nanny for many years and I totally understand why people choose to hire Nannies, I’m still not sure I could ever leave my own child with a Nanny on a daily basis and I don’t think I would want to. Not down to their capabilities or trust issues, just because I know how much I’d be missing out on and to me, it wouldn’t be worth the guilt of missing first steps, words and weaning etc.

However I do feel that sometimes Parents voicing their opinions on what they do and don’t want can come across in a very off putting way, but lets be honest, of course they have every right to say this and feel nervous or worried because it is THEIR CHILD!!

So when I have parents on a weekly basis dictating to me what they are looking for in someone, the requirments can differ dramatically but it is very useful to have this insight so that Nannies can prepare in advance and know what they are potentially getting themselves into beforehand.

Here are the key factors parents are looking for and expect from someone they are trusting with their child/ren and are often afraid to say:

  • Perfume- Leave it off. They don’t benefit from it and they’d rather the child not get wafts of it whilst you are around them either.

  • Don’t dress like you are about to go to a Yacht Party- No, seriously, just don’t do it. Keep it simple and covered which includes no daisy dukes, skimpy tops and low plunging summer dresses.

  • Personal hygeine on point- This includes neat hair kept back, clean nails and looking presentable.

  • A thorough understanding of why you are choosing to do this as a career which is clearly demonstrated daily when at work- if you aren’t passionate they ain’t interested. Simple!

  • Initiative- Make up stories! Create your own games! Be silly!! It’s a huge part of being a Nanny and after keeping them alive, it’s a big one for parents that want more than someone who can reel off a few nursery rhymes at bedtime. Sorry Mary Poppins, but you just don’t cut it no more.

  • Communication- Talk to them, discuss things on your mind, about the day, about the child. Whatever it is, they’d appreciate open honesty and excellent communication skills from someone that is in their home more than they are.

Now, I know there are the extreme cases were some Families demand the earth, but there’s different ways to deal with that. The above are what I like to call ‘basic foundations’ for any Nanny, no matter what stage you are at in your career and the fact some parents have questioned these points and feel afraid to raise them shows there is a lack of real understanding of how it should be.

Have you ever faced any issues that aren’t stated above? Or feel slightly different about Families you’ve worked with and what they expected? Let us know!

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