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What Nannies want

What Nannies want



Happy Monday everyone!


This cold weather is getting rather boring now and I’m really looking forward to spring and the delights this season brings.

Now, last weeks blog was all about what Parents want from their Nanny and it was a two part series to really get an understanding into both sides of this career/life and gain more knowledge on why Parents do and want certain things, and from todays post why Nannies have a say in this too.


I’ve heard many requests over the years with regards to ‘What Nannies want’ and I’ll be honest, there are some Nannies out there that really do come across as very entitiled. The thing is, when it comes to looking after children regardless of whether it has been in a VIP capacity or just a daily role in a small town, it should not change your perception of yourself or the role.

It’s very easy to become swept up in the money, the drama and lets not forget the lifestyle that can come as part of the package, but at the end of the day those little ones you are caring for really couldn’t care less about this. They want someone who is there for them as a role model, constant support and to have as much fun as possible with.

So I won’t be discussing about what Nannies want in terms of fancy lifestyles, Christmas/ Birthday gifts and the cars available to them. What I will be talking about are the realistic wants, the kind that enable you to feel truly valued for all of your time, effort and in extreme cases putting your own life on hold to devote to another Family.

First up:



We, as Nannies, need to know our worth. Both personally and professionaly. The minute we begin to feel taken advantage of, undermined, or like we don’t even exist is when things start to go down hill. ¬†Listen up Families, we know you are busy but just give us that boost every once in a while, ok?



Now, this can be a tough one at times, especially when Parents with high flying careers appear to look down on us because we aren’t lawyers, bankers or whatever the crazy reason. We are looking after your Children!!! I don’t know about you but to me it has been one of the most important jobs IN THE WORLD!!!! Don’t underestimate our role, or us as people because of our career choice. We chose this because we love children and are able to make that special connection with them that doesn’t come as naturally to some people. Own your profession, and allow them to give you the level of respect you deserve.



Yes, we get you have busy hectic lives, but believe it or not so do we. Nannies have a life outside of work. When on duty, we give it 120%, when off duty we like to catch up on our own life admin, see Family and friends and do whatever we choose.

All those nights of coming home a few minutes late is taking away our own time, and sadly it starts to become a real burden when we feel we cannot speak up to ask for over time, or that you respect our working hours to allow us to plan things for after work. The amount of times I sacrificed things such as joining a theatre group, attending a gig or learning another language because I knew every single night I wouldn’t be leaving on time became very frustrating.

If you have set hours, it should stay that way unless extreme circumstances come into play and they really cannot get home every once in a blue moon on time. Nannies are VERY understanding, just talk to us and we will get it, and figure it out with you, just allow us to have some life time too please.



I’m not talking about freedom in terms of being held captive in the house, I’m talking about freedom to use our skills, knowledge and experience to really add value to the Family.

Freedom to work out stratergies with Parents, to implement what we feel could be great or useful, and to plan activities and trips out. Let’s be honest Nannies, no one enjoys being in the company of a ‘helicopter Parent’ and it does get you thinking why they even hired you in the first place if all they are going to do is contantly dictate and not let you do your job.

I’ve had this a few times, and in my last ever role I clearly stated that as a professional I was there to do my job, and if I ever felt I was being undermind or dictated to then I’d have to reasses the situation. Of course the Parents need to have a say in things and agree to things, but do you really want to be told how to change a nappy when you have over ten years of solid newborn experience behind you? No. It’s common sense.


Dollar dollar bills


We all have bills to pay. We all have things we want to buy and save for and holidays we’d like to book. Yet when it comes to our hard earned cash, why is it sometimes questioned or not paid on time? Or ‘forgotten’ about? If you went into a store and asked to pay a few days later you know what their answer would be? No.

It shouldn’t be any different when it comes to paying Nannies on time. At the end of the day we all work to make money, we just happen to be lucky in choosing a career we truly enjoy, but that is besides the point. Once again, please respect our own lives, and understand we do have things to pay for believe it or not so on time payment would be GREATLY appreciated.


So that’s it for this week. If you have any other Nanny wants you’d like to add please feel free to send them over to me!


Until next week, stay warm!











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