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Soooooo this weeks blog wasn’t a part of my usual ‘month by month’ content plan, but I had a few flash backs over the past couple of weeks and when mentioned to a Nanny friend the situation she could totally relate to the point where she said I must write about it and see how many other Nannies can relate to this so here we go!


Back in the days of being a Nanny and then a travel Nanny, I know all too well about having to give away your space, privacy and pretty much your life for the time you are travelling.

It’s not just a case of seeing amazing places and getting paid to do so and ensuring the children and family have a great time, there are a few more aspects involved that aren’t always mentioned and if we didn’t laugh about them I’m not sure anyone would want to put themselves through a travel job again!

The main one that now makes me laugh when I look back on it is #bathroomlife.

We’ve all been there, right?!


It’s 9.30pm on your 5th day of travel. The children are finally in bed, albeit not for every long because hellooo jet lag and you are beyond exhausted.



The parents head out for dinner, you’ve wolfed yours down and are now closed up in the bathroom, not because it is serving a purpose for you right now, but because it becomes almost a ‘sanctuary’ for Nannies when we travel. A place you can close the door, be alone for a few minutes and make phonecalls back home that have added effects such as an echo or you speaking in a huskey whisper just incase it does wake the sleeping beauties.

It also becomes a multi use room.


Netflix is watched in there and the best bit that i’ll never forget and would never confess to is……….


Being sent dessert and having to eat it IN the bathroom!!! Nothing nicer than melted ice cream and cold chocolate fondant right?! #bathroomlife at it’s finest.

I mean, that’s where 5 star hotel desserts are meant to be eaten. We all know this.

Now lets not get all ungrateful. Yes it’s a great experience, yes you are in absolutle luxury. But are you really?? It’s not your holiday, remember this.

I think these little things really make you look back on your career as a Nanny (once you finish) and smile. It’s these parts that make you realise it’s not like any other job, it’s really very special and unique and no two Nanny jobs are ever the same.



Now lets hear your #bathroomlife moments! Drop me an email lucy@lunachildcollective.com and I’ll ready out a select few on the next podcast episode!

Until next time!





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