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I spoke to 10 VIP Nannies and they all said THIS about the industry

I spoke to 10 VIP Nannies and they all said THIS about the industry





Hey everyone!

For this weeks topic, I had a great time speaking to some wonderful Nannies dotted around Europe and the USA. It’s always so nice to connect with you all on many different levels and hear your own personal stories and views on current events and goings on within the wonderful world of Nannying.

Many things are always discussed from parenting styles, to independant play and enticing children to eat and try new foods.


There were however, a few aspects that came up that started to almost develop a pattern with regards to how these Nannies feel about their role, and how Nannying as a career is handled these days.

It’s not something that comes as a huge shock to me, having access to both sides of this industry as a Nanny and now Agency owner, yet the fact more and more Nannies are realising this does have me questioning what the future is going to look like, what factors will shape the way we work as Nannies and if the demand will still be so high.


As much as every single Nanny I spoke to thoroughly enjoyed her role as a Nanny and 80% of the time loved going to work, there was a common aspect that each of them picked up on and mentioned in some way or another.


They were fed up of still feeling like only a member of staff, and that their thoughts and opinions didn’t matter. 

When working in such a personal environment, it’s hard to sometimes figure out the boundaries that both sides feel comfortable with. But when you feel your voice isn’t heard, and your professional expertise and opinions don’t matter, it can be hard to see the point and the pathway ahead of you in this role.

Throw in the lack of support for Nanny continued Professional Development and you have a whole bunch of amazing Nannies left feeling lost and confused and merely plodding along daily just to stick at something that isn’t going to help them get where they want to be in their own lives.

Yes, we give so much as Nannies and that’s why it takes a certain type of person, but it’s like anything in life- how long can you continue to give for if you ain’t receiving anything in return?

It’s a one way ticket to burnout land unless you put the breaks on half way and step up to what needs to be said and discussed.

We all know being a Nanny is fun and games most of the time, it’s like most things in life, so why do a lot of Nannies feel so isolated and what can be done to improve on this?

Every single Nanny I spoke to also said they would LOVE to see more modern day support in the form of interesting, exciting courses and ways in which to connect with other Nannies more easily.

Ideas are being thrown around, and I am also fully in the process of working on some BIG changes here at Lunachild for he greater good of the Nanny industry and all will be revealed just in time for the Summer!

As always guys, I really do love hearing from you and connecting with you all weekly so drop me an email with your thoughts and don’t forget to check out the Nanny Life Conversations with Lunachild Podcast on Itunes and Soundcloud!


Link here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/nanny-life-conversations-with-lunachild/id1271426493?mt=2


Until next time








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