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Budgeting as a live in Nanny

Budgeting as a live in nanny “It takes discipline to learn to save, sacrifices will need to be made.” This week we wanted to bring you something different in the sense of finances, Nanny finances. Guest blogger and London Ambassador Elle knows her spreadsheets inside out when...

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A day in the life of a VIP Nanny

|Private Jet Travel | Extravagant gifts | Your own assistant| Sounds glamorous right? Depends on your mindset. This is the lifestyle a lot of  VIP Nannies lead, and each will have their own views and opinions.   There's no real schedule when you get to the top, and you need to...

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Children want time, not money.

Hi! How's your summer starting off?!   The further we get into these blogs, the more I feel compelled to discuss topics that take a more mindful/holistic approach to childcare, children, being a parent and Nanny life. So I felt compelled to discuss a few factors here that...

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How to talk to children about Terrorism

The Manchester attack, a very touchy and delicate subject that unfortunately, in this day and age we all need to discuss at some point. It is apparent to all that horrific events such as the recent Manchester attack last Monday 22nd May, are becoming more frequent...

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Easter Time Fun!

  It's that time of year again! We all know that Easter usually leads to a lot of chocolate-induced tummy aches. Therefore, we decided to provide a few games and projects to distract the little ones from over-indulging in sugary treats. Here are some fun and educational...

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Ultimate Nanny Library – Acceptance in April

For the April collection of the LunaChild Library, we will focus on children's literature with the message of empathy and acceptance.  In a social climate where it feels like one side is always attacking another (turn on any news channel to see what we're referring...

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Kids’ Kitchen – Making Nutrition Fun

We all know the struggle some nannies face when it comes to ensuring their charges eat a well-balanced meal.  Many children do not respond well to sitting down for a long period of time and eating food they have decided is "gross" without even tasting...

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