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Easter Time Fun!

  It's that time of year again! We all know that Easter usually leads to a lot of chocolate-induced tummy aches. Therefore, we decided to provide a few games and projects to distract the little ones from over-indulging in sugary treats. Here are some fun and educational...

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Ultimate Nanny Library – Acceptance in April

For the April collection of the LunaChild Library, we will focus on children's literature with the message of empathy and acceptance.  In a social climate where it feels like one side is always attacking another (turn on any news channel to see what we're referring...

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Kids’ Kitchen – Making Nutrition Fun

We all know the struggle some nannies face when it comes to ensuring their charges eat a well-balanced meal.  Many children do not respond well to sitting down for a long period of time and eating food they have decided is "gross" without even tasting...

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How to hire a Nanny

  How to hire a Nanny | Hiring a Nanny, whether it is your first time or you have done it before, can still be an overwhelming experience. There are endless options online, and simply typing ‘How to hire a Nanny’ into google just won’t do, especially if...

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World Book Day | The Ultimate Nanny Library – March 2017

World Book Day | The Ultimate Nanny Library Here at Lunachild, literacy is always a top priority.  We believe that children should have the opportunity to read or be read to as much as possible.  Children's literature encourages imagination and creativity, allowing children to explore new...

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5 ways, one day – Pancake Day Recipes

Pancake day - one of the best days of the year!  Growing up pancake day was always a fun filled evening of pancake flipping and running around the house with the whole family, including the Dog! Our pancakes were always the traditional flour, eggs, and milk with...

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Meet the founder- My Happy Mind

This week we caught up with Laura, the inspirational driving force behind My Happy Mind, preparing today's children for tomorrow's world by building resilient, balanced and happy minds at school and at home. Q- How did it all begin and what inspired you to start a...

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4 Child friendly Ski resorts around the world

Skiing is awesome. Nothing beats being up in the mountains, breathing in all that fresh air and riding the slopes for the day, stopping for a hot chocolate then back for fondue in the evening. Believe it or not, this is easy enough to do with children...

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