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The Nanny Ski Season survival guide

Ski season is pretty much upon us, or in some places anyway.  Many families look forward to this more than their summer holiday, yet it can be one full on snow ball game if you get taken along for the ride too! So here's the Lunachild Ski...

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8 reasons January is great for fresh starts

Happy New Year, everyone! 2016 has been a very eventful year, with a lot of changes all over the world. Some of these changes may not have been the best and you may have found yourself feeling a little bit on the down side. The good...

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Why you need to start meditating now

Whether you choose to start now or later (we suggest now), it will always be a good time to begin your own meditation practice. At the LunaOffice, meditation happens daily. Even before I pour myself a hot water and lemon, I get in those grounding minutes before...

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5 Halloween hacks the children will love

5 Halloween Hacks the kids will love! Halloween is a personal favourite here at LunaChild.  There are so many ways to be creative and come up with fun games, awesome outfits and eat weird looking foods that taste delish, that's why we have come up with 5...

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October Pumpkin Recipes you’ll love

According to us, and pumpkin lovers alike, it is perfectly acceptable to include some kind of pumpkin variation into your daily life throughout the month of October.  Because let's face it, who ever heard of a pumpkin overdose? Over the course of the next 4 weeks we...

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This is your new yoga buddy

 September is hectic.  Children head back to School and the sadness that summer is over really kicks in, that is unless you live on the East Coast, USA and have the amazing fall to look forward to! Anyway, with many choices for after school activities to sign...

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