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All of the old fashioned services with a modern day sprinkle of Moon dust



Full time / Part time Nanny

From 40 hours a week full time to under 30 hours and part time, our LunaNannies grace your home with their unique skill sets and values to suit whichever option is best for you and your family.

Covering aspects such as nursery duties and play dates to School runs and Doctors appointments, even the Moon isn’t the limit for our LunaNannies.

Evening Nanny

Arriving around 7pm and taking control of the evenings until the following morning.

Experts in sleep patters and there for your children throughout the night.

Maternity Nanny

From the very first days that your baby has arrived, up until 3 months, our experienced Maternity Nurses dedicate themselves to you and your baby.

In those first precious months they will provide help with sleeping, breast feeding and all other aspects you feel will benefit you and your child.

Travel Nanny

Exactly how it appears!

Well travelled Nannies ready to accompany you and your family to whichever destination you choose to take your holiday.

From 1 week to an entire summer, our Nannies love exploring new places and taking the children along with them!

From helping manage jet lag, to keeping children happy mid flight, they have many tips and tricks in their Nanny bags so you can have the best trip possible.

Private Tutor

Whether it’s homeschooling, help with homework or exam preparation, we can ensure your child is fully supported by one of our experts. 

From a weekly visit, to full time tutoring, there are various options that can be arranged to suit your needs.

What do we do?



Children thrive from a great routine, yet the struggle is real. Call in one of our experts to help you and your family get back on track and ensure more time is spent together.

Behaviour, Manners & Respect

Money can’t buy manners, but it can introduce you to a wonderful LunaNanny that can certainly help with the process. 

From dining, to p’s & q’s, we cover all aspects of etiquette and respect both for self, and others. 

Confidence Building & Anxiety

Through yoga and meditation, a LunaNanny can help to guide your child and support them through difficult times, slowly building up their confidence and easing anxiety step by step.


Fussy eater? You aren’t alone. Food can be a real key player in many family arguments and struggles, however good nutrition is very important to help children grow. 

By using different techniques, strategies and games, a member of our team can ensure your child begins to try new foods and eat healthy meals in as little as just two weeks. 

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