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When Thanksgiving literally means all the food

  Good morning!   This week, even though it is very clear I am not American, I cannot help but share my love for Thanksgiving at this time of year. Mainly, because of alllllll the foods, but also because I feel it really has a wonderful vibe about it,...

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Kids’ Kitchen – Making Nutrition Fun

We all know the struggle some nannies face when it comes to ensuring their charges eat a well-balanced meal.  Many children do not respond well to sitting down for a long period of time and eating food they have decided is "gross" without even tasting...

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5 ways, one day – Pancake Day Recipes

Pancake day - one of the best days of the year!  Growing up pancake day was always a fun filled evening of pancake flipping and running around the house with the whole family, including the Dog! Our pancakes were always the traditional flour, eggs, and milk with...

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So it’s valentines day soon

    All of these ideas are pretty self explanitory and very simple to do, as well as being fun! Get the children involved, and don't forget to tag us in your creations @lunachildcollective Happy Valentines Day! Team Luna  X  ...

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8 ingredients, 1 batch of amazing Brownies

    Who doesn't love brownies? They are like the go to chocolate option for me, and yes they have a tonne of sugar but that's how the gooey chewiness is created that we all love! This is my own recipe and it works best with dairy free...

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5 Halloween hacks the children will love

5 Halloween Hacks the kids will love! Halloween is a personal favourite here at LunaChild.  There are so many ways to be creative and come up with fun games, awesome outfits and eat weird looking foods that taste delish, that's why we have come up with 5...

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