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Six Things I Discovered After Living in Italy

  By Olivia O'Connell While studying to get my Master’s in Italian, I had the fortune of living in Florence, Italy for a year. Living abroad has its challenges, but one thing is for certain - Italians know how to live well and have a lot to...

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An Insiders Guide to being a Career Nanny

  An Insiders Guide to being a Career Nanny (and proud!)   We caught up with Louise, Career Nanny for over 14 years, on what makes aspects of the job stand out, and why you should never feel alone within what can be, an isolated industry.   I have been...

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My 8 TravelNanny Essentials

My top 8 TravelNanny Essentials For you, not the children.   As much as it is exciting and glamorous to be traveling with families as part of the job, it is also extremely tiring and at times can become a bit too much.  With lack of personal space (if...

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